Amtrak's 50th and the Longevity of Passenger Trains

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I decided to take the Amtrak to Glenwood Springs, CO. about 9 years ago...It's been so long since I took a train...I enjoyed the trip...Staff were friendly and kind...Would like to take the train again soon...


I hope you do! While the cars are old, the staff is usually pretty nice and the scenery is outstanding. I hope that Amtrak gets additional funding and we can expand the system. Thank you for your comments!


What a great article.

When I was about three, my mom, sister and I took the train from Denver to CA. Of course I really don’t remember the trip, but my mom laughs every time she talks about what fun we all had.

So I just had to take my two daughters on the train to Glenwood...and we had just as much fun too. Best part was seeing Bald Eagles in the Canyon and also seeing parts of Denver that you don’t get to see by car.

Thank you for letting me relive these memories again!

Hi Carol,

So glad you enjoyed the article. Keep riding Amtrak! They just went back to daily service out of Denver, so there are more seats and opportunities. We need to have a robust rail system in the U.S. And I love going through Colorado on the train, seeing things that you won't see from your car.

All the best,

Hi James -- Enjoyed this post...a little tardy, sorry. Have a great trip to Florida, and I hope that includes train riding. I have some research coming up at BYU in Provo, Utah, and might ride the "Zephyr" there...fingers crossed. The same topic (Utah Parks Company's water facilities at Grand Canyon North Rim) might also take me to Southern Utah University in Cedar City, and DANG I wish the "Desert Wind" was still running. One more story: I recently drove back to Denver from Austin, and had time to figure out where the Colorado & Southern/"Texas Zephyr" avoided Raton Pass; discovering "Toll Gate Pass" (or "Gap")--just south of Branson, Colorado, and into Folsom, New Mexico--was the highlight of the trip. -- Jim Steely

Thank you Jim! Glad you enjoyed the article. And I would love to see a DEN-DFW train again. Maybe in our lifetime! I hope you can take the CZ. We took it to SF about 4 years ago with a roomette and it was wonderful. We were 2 hours late, but it was so much fun. It was nice seeing you yesterday and I always look forward to talking railroads and helping you with your research.


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