A Reflection on Early Expressions of Black Poetry



As American as my integrated culture. I am an infusion of different cultures which have come together into mainstreem society. I am no pure race. In America, I have cultivated into a mixture of nationalities, ethnicities and cultures from around the world. Where am I now? I come from the American slave. I am a descendent of a mixture of nationalities. I am the African slave, but I too am American. The mixture of blood in me is very much American. The blood that runs through my veins is an Native American Choctaw Indian princess. I am a proud legacy of an African worrior tribe. A proud decendent of an African chief. My great grandmother was native American Indian, Irish and German. I am Creole Indian. My great grandmother was Chinese and black Indian. I am Itilian, Hawiian and African from the Nigeria, Senagal, Congo and from regions of South Africa. I have learned to place my predjudice beside me. Being a mixture of things, I have learned to embrace different cultures as a challenge to integrate with society. We all have different backgrounds, cultural traits and mannerisms that make us unique characters. It is from our diverse personalities that makes American a model society. America built this nation on multiple backgrounds of diverse difference that define who we are. I am African American and my body is made to be Native American Indian. My body is developed charteristics of my great grandmother. The native American Indian has developed a small chest. My bra size is 36 B. I developed that character trait from the Indian blood that runs through my veins. The native American Indian is said to be short. My great grandmother was 4'8 inches and I am 5'0 inches tall. It is a Native American Indian princess trait to spill blood from the uterus. I am a carrier of the Native American Indian princess to have a menstral every three weeks and spill red blood from my uterus. This characteristic is different from the African menstral period. I can only have sex the Native American Indian way because my cervix is disigned differently than an African American cervix. The color of my skin is Choctaw Indian skin pigment. Some people ignorance have mistaken me for having African attributes. They say I look African so I must be it. I know differently. I can only be what I am. I am an American. I am the result of the "melting pot" and I can not deny my heritage. I will not accept being profiled as African but as an American proud to be who I am. The melting pot for me has become defined as an American expression of what it means to be an American.

Speaking out, a relfection of expression
Life is difficult without words
The presence of a voice
Carries on as a reminder
Of emerging thoughts
Thought remains unpinned
From aggression
I am the voice of
Advocating hope
From restriction
I am the voice of
Promoting peace
My voice demands justice
To be respected
My voice demands justice
To want dignity
I act in
Defiance to unkind indifference
I act in
Response to unkempt change
My voice is a criminal of self-thought
Darkness is the impedemy of silence


The photographs posted online with some of Jupiter Hammon’s biographies cannot be pictures of Hammon himself – we know that he died before 1806, and photography wasn’t even invented until the 1826.


Reading this to create a scaffold for my students. I was born and raised in Denver CO and it's interesting to know about Phillis Wheatley's legacy there

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