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D.F. Barry's I have had the opportunity to see a hand colorized photograph of "American Horse" that remains in the Barry family.

D.F. Barry is my great grandfather - my father has numerous photographs that used to be owned by his parents (my grandparents). It's wonderful to own a piece of history that started with my ancestors.

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Dear Ms. Keating, I am a historian currently conducting research in David F. Barry and wonder if I might contact you.
Michael Fox, Curator of History
Museum of the Rockies
Bozeman, MT

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Berry retired in Superior Wis. His glass plates and Indian photos were on file at the Fairlawn Museum (Superior),but they sold them a number of years ago to the Western Museum of Denver. $ from sale went to buy new tombstone for Berry in Greenwood Cem, S of Superior. His name by Indians was "Little Shadow Catcher" It is on the tombstone also
H. Heath.- Historian

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Hi Karen,
I am a photographer and I admire your great grandfather's work. He inspires and informs my work each day.

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we were under the impression that DF Barry did not have any children. He is my husband's great-great uncle.

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He is my great great uncle.

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He’s my great great uncle too.

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Hello. Do you know who owns the rights to his images? I'm a member of the Crow Tribe in MT

Thanks for asking, Michael T. Images published prior to 1925 are in the public domain and are able to be used by anyone for any purpose. Denver Public Library provides access to images to the public, but rights assessment is up to the individual and will depend on the particular image and the individual's (or organization's) particular purpose.

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