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Nice blog, thanks! For people who just can't get enough white hot nuclear fission, check out the Library's very own "100 Suns," by Michael Light, with lots of mushroom cloud porn and great descriptions of 700 mph shock waves.... 623.45119 Light


from the science freaks thank you so much

To clarify, wasn't the " Trinity Site July 16, 1945" article published after W.W. 2? I understand the 7/16/45 test was top secret. And, a recent "Denver Post" article reports some Tularosa, N.M. residents are suing due to the effects of the Trinity blast.

Correct on both points.  The picture here is from the pamphlet that is handed out at the entrance to the site.  It was published well after the war as the test was top secret, although New Mexico residents for miles around knew something had happened.  A few weeks later when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, they likely figured put two and two together.

There was also a small contingent of local protesters on hand back in April, as there is on every day the site is open. 

Great article that puts a modern take on the old atomic tourist era. I have some Trinitite specimens and displays.

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