Donate Money

Monetary donations are gratefully accepted on the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation web site. Please leave a note in the Comments field in the Additional Information section at the bottom of the page that you would like the donation to go to the Western History and Genealogy Department.

Donate Materials

Over the years, the holdings of the Denver Public Library Western History and Genealogy Department and the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library have grown as the result of generous donations of rare and unique materials. The Library continues to welcome such gifts in order to enhance the research value of its collections. This can be best accomplished by ensuring that materials offered to the Library are a good match with the Library's collecting interests.

Donate to the Western History and Genealogy Collection

The Western History and Genealogy collection includes manuscripts, photographs, books, serials, maps, microfilm, audiovisual media and art. Materials support research west of the Mississippi River, including Alaska and Hawaii. The collection also includes extensive resources for genealogy, environmental conservation, and the WW II 10th Mountain Division.

Donate to the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library

The Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library strives to preserve the heritage and contributions of African Americans in Colorado and the West. Your donations will provide community education as well as encourage scholarly research. All gifts to the Blair-Caldwell AARL will be preserved with the highest quality archival methods in order to make them accessible to future generations. All gifts will be listed on the Denver Public Library’s Web site.

We need:

  • Artifacts (Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library only)
  • Audio Recordings/ Video Recordings
  • Books
  • Book Galleys
  • Diaries, Minutes, Proceedings
  • Financial Documents
  • Legislative Documents
  • Letters
  • Photographs
  • Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Materials

Why Donate?

The histories of individuals, families, communities, businesses and organizations are documented by the records they create. These records provide unique and vital information to the community, the state and the nation. Placing the records of an individual or organization in an appropriate repository ensures that:

  • The records will be cared for by professional archivists, librarians and curators whose responsibility is to organize, protect, preserve and provide access to these important documents
  • The records will become part of the community’s collective memory
  • The records will be available for research by future generations
  • The records are made widely available to researchers

More information about our donation guidelines and procedures can be found in our Donor Packet.

For additional questions, or to donate materials please contact us: