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So what does it mean when I have vivid memories of using something that is in a so-called historical photo? :-) I even remember the different slots for the different size coins. If you accidentally put a dime in the nickel or quarter slot you could put the phone out of order.

Another trip down memory lane. How about an old fashioned switchboard with the plugs?

Hi Suzanne - Oh Yeah - maybe I'll do a gallery on switchboard operators etc... Thanks!

I remember when you could use a Captain Crunch toy whistle to get free long distance.
Sort of a pre-computer-hacking-device.
Not that I would ever, ever do something that devious.

Hey Carl - I actually met THE Captain Crunch, who used that whistle to get into the entire AA&T system and wreak havoc. His real name is John Draper and he is a legend in the hacker community. He used to show up at the raves in San Francisco in the early 90s where I was a regular. Here's a wiki article about him:

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