Wow Photo Wednesday ~ Soda Fountains & Toy Magnates

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That is definitely a WOW crowd-source moment! Amazing!

Thanks, Craig - yes, it's happening more and more now!

Wonderful photos and stories Randel. I grew up enjoying soda fountains in the 50's and 60's. My favorite drink, in a cone shaped paper cup, was a "chocolate cherry phosphate" served in a heavy cone holder.

My understanding is that drug stores had soda fountains to make the medicine of the time palatable.

That's pretty amazing. You never know who may be waiting to be discovered in these photos. I guess they all had to start somewhere. Maybe a young Douglas Fairbanks is out there somewhere as well... at a soda fountain nonetheless! :O

The Dutch Mill employees don't look too happy about their outfits. But maybe that's just me. Maybe they'll chime in too about them. :)

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