Wow Photo Wednesday ~ Joe "Awful" Coffee

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Hello, I'm a former fighter, current trainer and boxing collector.

I have a glove shaped menu from the Restaurant with a picture of Joe on the cover.
I post a picture but do not see a way to do it here.

Coach Rick

Thanks for commenting, Rick! That sounds like a very cool get. Have you thought about donating your menu to our Menu Collection?

When I was a kid in school iworked for a gentleman who took all us to Joe Awful Coffee’s twice a month. I boxed for a couple years and meet him several times. He had a magnet personality and really loved people. The steaks were great. It was a same that a lot of memories are quickly becoming lost in time. I still remember the booths that were rood like a boxing ring and numerous photos of celebrities and especially that of president Eisenhower.

Thanks for reading and for sharing those memories of Joe Awful's Coffee!

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