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This was a fantastic read, Randel! 

That's quite a story!

i am looking for a photo of the outside of joe's place. went there many times, and would love to see what the outside looked like.

Hi Daniel - thanks for commenting! The best image we could find of the outside is in our Digital Collection. Be sure to use the zoom in feature and you'll see the Joe "Awful" Coffee sign on the right behind the Milner Hotel sign.

My dad, Richard, knew Joe Coffee through his young boxing endeavors at Mt. St. Vincent Orphanage, where he grew up. Mr. Coffee would volunteer his time there teaching the kids the sport. I certainly don't remember this, but later (when I was about 3 years old) my dad and mom took me to Joe's restaurant where I alledgedly dumped a bowl of oatmeal on my own head!

Hey Steve -
That's great - he was quite famous - when I meet elderly people from Denver, I always ask if they knew him and they often have stories - not usually as good as yours - it's a great mental picture - you and your oatmeal - thanks!

My dad used to take us to Joe's. The cheese cake was the best ever dry in the New York style

My Grandpa Raymond Dennison was the Chef at Awful Joe Coffees in the 50's. There is an article in the post or Rocky Mountain news that interviews him about the best way to cook steaks!

Thanks for sharing, Pam! Sounds like he knew what he was talking about.

Thank you for a great remembrance of how Denver supported each other, and how someone grew to prominence through hard work and love for each other.


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