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Ted Kaczynski is at the Federal Super Max prison in Florence, Co. Did he really spend any time in the state of Co. Canon City prison?

No. Ted Kaczynski has only been in the custody of the federal government and thus kept only in federal correctional facilities. Therefore he has not been kept in any of the state of Colorado operated prison facilities.

As a child, in 1954, I remember my parents taking my brother and sister and I for a tour of Canyon City. My most vivid memories are of walking by the cells with the inmates inside. I felt like an interloper of the worst kind. Then on the other end of the scale, I remember the lovely items in the prison gift shop. I hope they no longer allow tours.

My husband, Calvin O’Neil Adams was in Canon City in the mid to late 90’s. Since we have split. I don’t know his DOC #. Is there by chance?

I was incarcerated at the Walls unit in canon city from 1963-1965. My number was #35881. Previous to that I was in the Federal reformatory in Englewood, Colorado. I've done time in Texas also. Looking back, I've got to say the old territorial prison in Canon City was the worst as far as doing time...My outlaw days are over now, I'm 78 years old and live in the Panhandle of Texas...

Hi David - Thanks for the first-hand account. Those primary resources are the gold standard of historical research. Take care and thanks for reading!


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