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My father, Simon Hermosillo who was born in Denver in 1940 attended the demolition when he was 10 years old. His (my) family was living on 23rd & Arapahoe at the time. He just turned 80 years old & remembers that day.

Thanks so much for sharing, Moses!

I was at my grandmothers house. 48th and Washington. We all were on the roof of the old grocery store. The stack did not completely fall. I was almost 3 and scared.

Thanks for reading and commenting, David. That must have been terrifying for a young child.

My son found this old omaha and grant silver bar from the old smelter in a old cigar box at a garage sale feast your peepers this

I remember watching the Grant Smelter destruction from about 47thcand Pecos. My friend, Rosemary Doles, and I trudged over the very beginnings of I-70 to reach the heap of smoking bricks.


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