World's Tallest Smokestack Comes Tumbling Down

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My father, Kenneth Tomlinson, and two of his friends, Robert Wagner and Robert Lloyd climbed the smokestack, I believe in 1939. I'm not sure whether the article I have is from the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News. Unfortunately there is no date on the newspaper article.

Thanks for your addition to the history, Kelly - I couldn't find any reference to the climb you mention - someone could probably find the article if they sit down and scour the microfilm for 1939. Thanks!

You're welcome Randel. I meant to type Howard Wagner, not Robert. Howard died in a rock climbing accident in 1940. One of the stories I remember my father telling me.

I do have a tif image of the article. If you would like, I could email it to you.

Thanks, Kelly, that would be great if you could send the image of the article. It would make it easier to find.

My Grandfather was there and filmed the the first demolition attempt February 1950. You can see the Denver Coliseum going up in the background.

Hi Chris - Wow - we'd love to see FILM of it - can you put it on youtube?

I was there on 40th Avenue with my dad watching the smokestack come crashing down ! That was a rush !

Thanks for commenting, Ron. What a memory!

Thank you for this excellent journalism

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