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This is extremely important! Unfortunately, now legislation is written allowing ranchers to graze on public land for pennies on the dollar. This prevents grazing wildlife and predators from using the land. No more burrowing owls for chasing mice, or prairie dogs to feed the raptors. No more '.. where deer and antelope play..".

Thanks for your comment Debra. The Wilderness Act challenges us to shape the future legacy we want for our public lands.

Bummer, I can't add comments or vote when I am at a catalog computer in the library.

The vast majority of library computers do have internet access. Just ask at your library's reference desk, or come to Central's 4th floor Community Technology Center. Catalog computers come in handy when you just want to do a quick search the catalog.  I hope you'll have a chance to vote in the Colorado's Most Significant Artifact contest! 

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