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I'd ask Norm Early. After his term as District Attorney Norm ran for Denver Mayor. He lost to Wellington Webb in the runoff.

Through good friends, Norm Early was contacted and he said it was from a Bowl-A-Thon that Janet Elway hosted at Celebrity's. Hope that helps solve.

Hi and thanks for the inside information! 


The woman positioned at the foot of the dapper DA resembles (or is) the ad model for a O'Meara Ford.

Hi Helen - We thought the same thing, but couldn't put a name with the face. Thanks for the comment!

Bonnie Murray

Hi Trish - Thanks for commenting. Bonnie Murray is, indeed, the O'Meara Ford spokeswoman with the unmistakable voice. But after checking out a few photos of Bonnie, we've got to say that is not her. We'll keep looking! 

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