Weird Photo Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

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I can remember when Coney Island use to set a the heart of Conifer (Where this photo was taken). The food was horrible with the quality of the food and the flies that swarmed. I am not sure how this place ever made it on to the travel channel. To be honest my most positive memories of this place was the fact that you could hike to the top of Myers Park and look down on the small town of Conifer and see Coney Island and a few small mom and pop shops. This quaint tranquility is what I miss the most about how Conifer use to be. While I know that Coney Island has moved and is under new ownership. I have passed by while driving along 285 I have not had the stomach to stop in and see if anything has changed since my childhood.

I was there last fall. The line was long but it was worth the wait!

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