Weird Photo Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

Beery in Viva Villa

Anyone know what Beery in Viva Villa means? We don't, so for today's Weird Photo Wednesday maybe you can figure out what that slogan means. What we have today is a photo of the old Bluebird theater on Colfax. A very historic building and well known by locals and the local music scene. For more information about this photo, click here. For more weird, strange and unique photos, visit our Digital Collections or come on in and buy a great print in our new Ye Olde Digital Collections Photo Shoppe.

It's Wallace Beery - . Come on, guys, is your Google broken?

Now librarians know how to use google, but we wanted to see if anyone else could come up with an answer, and you did Nelson, so thank you! Notice it took over two years before anyone answered this question. Thanks for checking this out and providing the correct info!

Then I should have answered that he's James Garner's fictional great-uncle.

Wasn't he in Barton Fink playing the part of a wrastler?

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