Valentine's Day $5 photo sale!

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I noticed last week there was a picture of lovers lane in Washington park. Are there any copies of this picture left?

Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question. Any images purchased through this sale will be sent to you as a digital file that you can then print out. Thanks for looking through the gallery!

How can I purchase the picture? I am interested in the picture of the lovers lane in Washington park with the people walking.

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Hi Stephanie. I'm glad you found one you like! To order a photo, click on the image you want to purchase, and click on the "Buy" button, then follow the rest of the instructions that appear. Please note that the order form will still say $19/image (the original price), but the $5 price will be applied at purchase.

What is the original size of these photos and to what size can the image be digitally enlarged? Thanks!

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