Traditional Traditions - Wow Photo Wednesday

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What a great picture! You can almost make out the date on the calendar in the background. Alas, not quite. It is really nice to see that some things haven't changed.

So close...and yet so far! I think I broke an eyeball trying to read the year on that!

I live in Capitol Hill and I often try to imagine what life was like inside the neighborhood Denver Squares at the turn of the century. This picture gives a good insight into it. Thanks.

It really is an enchanting photo. Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

In the late 19th-early 20th Century Denver homes had gaslights as well as wiring for electric lights. (Electricity wasn't proven at the time.) I learned this from Denver electrician 20+ years ago.

It's interesting to see how the pace of technological and societal change really started picking up during that period...and hasn't slowed down since. Thanks for the comment!

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