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Here is a suggestion that is also near Trinidad. If you head west on Highway 12 outside of Trinidad, you will come up to Segundo and Rocco's market. Further down you run into the company town of Cokedale (still inhabited with some restoration) and the associated ruins of the coke ovens. I also like the Ave Maria Shrine in Trinidad.

I went to college in Trinidad. Exploring the town was one of my favorite things to do. The Ave Maria Shrine was one of my favorite places to visit because it is surrounded by mystery and lore. I hadn't thought about it for years!

Very nice! I wish Trinidad wasn't sliced through by that elevated I-25. I believe freeways are real barriers (visual, physical & mental) when they slice up towns & cities. How about Walsenburg, Alamosa, Monte Vista, Del Norte & Saguache as some towns to explore, that are often just driven through?

is there really haunted mansion s in Trinidad co

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