Sailing the Seas, Sloan Lake Style - Wow Photo Wednesday

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Growing up on Lake Mi. I found lakes like Sloans to be ponds. Then I realized Lake Mi. was a huge lake and Sloans was a normal sized lake.
I enjoyed the picture and analysis of the Denver skyline.

Hi WRT - I completely understand that feeling. Denverites experience that same phenomenon when they visit ski mountains in places like New York and Wisconsin! Thanks for reading and commenting!

Brian, I see the highest point in Wi. is almost a whopping 2,000 ft.

But the lakes...oh the lakes! (They really are gorgeous.)

Growing up in Minnesota I was used to a lot of lakes in town and up north where we would go to fish in many places.

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Hi Wade - Those Upper Midwest lakes are, indeed, a thing of beauty. (They're also better for summer swimming than most of our bodies of water around these parts!)