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Great article. It's too bad the Eisenbud/Serios archives had to find a new home outside of Colorado.

It is unfortunate that DPL had to give up our collection of photos. On the bright side, they found a good home in the University of Maryland, Baltimore County archives, and most of them are available to peruse online.

Thanks for your interest, and for commenting!

As to psychics-I ponder, if I go to see a psychic and the psychic is not there-if they were psychic wouldn't they have known I was coming?

The snark in me would suggest that it was because they saw you coming that they slipped out. ;-)

In a similar vein, I read an article earlier this week about a self-proclaimed psychic who got hit by a car last weekend. Apparently, he wasn't able to see it coming until after it happened... funny how that works.

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