New Microfilm Readers are here!

Our new state of the art microfilm/microfiche readers are available for your use! 

These new Canon microfilm/microfiche scanner/readers are state of the art and will make research and finding information on film much easier. We have 5 new units, 4 near the reference desk and 1 in the Mullen research room. They are all connected to a computer, which is connected to the Internet. Now instead of just being able to print, you can download an image to a flash drive as well as send an  image to your email address. The images are much more crisp and clear than our old analog units and opens up opportunities to digitally enhance your image as well as share a scanned image with other people. You can even post it on facebook or your own blog.
Come on down and try out these machines. We still have some of our older units, but we're sure once you try out these machines, you'll love them. Don't forget to bring your flash drive! 

I have tried to use the "new" machines but I need more help than I've been able to beg from the busy staff. I called the tech desk on the 4th floor, but they can't help. Is there any possibility to make an appointment with someone who can walk me through the steps? I am helping with research on the Lake County War (Salida-Poncha Springs area circa 1874-75) for a University of Colorado Press book project. Diana Copsey (email: -- phone 303-733-2178)

I responded via email. Please check and we'll arrange a time.


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