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Page 133 of Jack Kerouac book of sketches describes Zaza's Barbershop!

My dad Joseph Candelaria owned the Elbow Room Bar on the corner of 20th and Larimer, 1973 thru 1978. Skid Row back then.

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There must have been some very interesting stories from that bar! Thanks for sharing that, Joey!

Jack Kerouac book of sketches, around page 133, dwells in descriptions of Larimer Street in the mid-1950s. Beautiful stuff!

Neal Cassady's letter from Juvenile Reform hangs framed on the back wall of My Brother's Bar by a photo of Neal & Jack K. Mortifyingly, as a child Neal lived in the Metropolitan Hotel at 227 16th st & in & out constantly of other flea bags in Larimer Square, as his Father couldn't maintain any semblance of constancy for his boy due to Dad's glaring personality disorder/s. Poor kid. Let's all work to not just put a shiney sanitary face on the non living things there but to really open our hearts to the ways in which we can shine & sanitize society as well. Read Martin Luther King's "Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos or Community?" For the way in which we can begin to prevent such personality disorders & all manor or social ills. Read more to learn about how & why we suffer from such things & above all: Visit all neighborhoods of Denver, they all have so much to offer anyone lucky enough to land there!

Hello Brian, just now reading Neal Cassady's Collected Letters, 1944--1967 & there's a letter from Neal's father. There's two "care of" signed addresses, one on Market Street & the other Za Za Barber's Shop on Larimer Street. Thought you might like to know.

My dad used to own the Elbow Room Bar on the corner of 20th and Larimer from1973 thru 1978.

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