Jet Fuel Fire 'a monster'


Fascinating story! It happened before we moved to Colorado.

Hi Julie,

I'm glad you enjoyed it. I learned a lot writing the article. I was here in Denver during that time, but it was so long ago, I completely forgot about the fire.

All the best,

I was a senior in my last semester at the University of Colorado at Boulder. That Sunday (November 25th), my father, who was an airline pilot, and I arrived at Stapleton sometime in the early to mid-afternoon. We had been out in Los Angeles for the Thanksgiving and were returning home at the end of the weekend.The fire was directly observable from the concourse once we had gotten off the plane, and I remember standing there and just watching it rage for a few minutes.

Thanks for sharing your memories of the fire Peter. I was actually working for United Airlines at the time and also remember seeing the flames from the terminal. Hopefully this will never happen at DIA.

I worked as a mechanic at Continental Airlines when this occurred. Memories certainly get fuzzy after 40 years, but there are some very incorrect details in this story. But anyway, it was a very large fire, and the heat could be felt from far away. I lived 35 miles north of town then, and the smoke could be seen very clearly.

I think the most impressive thing was watching those Texans walk into the fire like it was nothing.

Thanks for reading the blog post Dean. I researched the blog post by using the Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News archives. What are the incorrect details that can be corroborated?

I definitely remember this fire at the airport in Denver Colorado. I flew out there for the Thanksgiving holiday from California to spend time with my good friends.. I had a great time, but I remember being very fearful that I was not going to be able to get back to California on the day I was scheduled to return. Good thing the firefighters did an awesome job in controlling the situation and it did not affect my return date to California. So whenever I think of my trip to Colorado, I always remember this fire.

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