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Municipal Facts is such an excellent historical resource. Thanks for highlighting it.

I have to wonder how people poisoned themselves accidentally.

and idea why 19% of the causes missing? (total death reported 3524. total of causes 2856, difference of 668).

Thanks. This is timely because I recently discovered a cemetery in Commerce City called Rose Hill. It is a Jewish Cemetery, and apparently from what I've read a number of interments there were tuberculosis deaths, sent out to Denver, some treated at National Jewish, a respiratory hospital.

I'd be interested to know if there's a further break down on these numbers. Were a high number of the tuberculosis deaths Jewish? Just in general it would be interesting to see other statistics. More insight into problems faced at the time, and within what groups or segments of the population they were occurring, and why.

Where was Calvary Cemetery in 1909 ? Was it at the current location of the Denver Botanic Gardens?

Yes. This is from an article on the historic background of Denver cemeteries.

Mount Calvary was the Roman Catholic section of Mount Prospect and later City Cemetery. In 1890, Denver was granted permission to use the cemetery lands for a park and the Diocese of Denver secured an injunction preventing enforcement of the order against their property. The last burial in Mount Calvary was in 1908. In 1891 Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Wheat Ridge opened and many of the bodies from Mount Calvary were removed there. In 1950 the remaining 8,600 bodies were removed to Mount Olivet. Today this is the site of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

I can tell you that when my grandfather was installing an irrigation system at the Botanical Gardens, they dug up a couple of old coffins.

I've read that what is now Cheesman Park was the Protestant cemetary, and apparently Botanic Gardens was the Catholic cemetary, but wasn't there a Jewish cemetary in the area as well? Maybe over by what is now Congress Park?

My how things change. Only 17 homicides.

56 Homicides last year, but with the population being what it is today I would imagine that the per capita percentage is much lower than it was in 1909. Homicide rate went down...

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