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Every year the light displays get more elaborate on my block (1700 Grape). Next year I plan to get purple icicle lights for our house so we can keep up.


Will drive by and see the displays

I am glad that many people in Denver leave their Christmas lights and decorations up until the end of the Stock Show. I enjoy looking for the remaining Christmas displays as long as possible (and, come October/November 2015, I will be looking to see who will have their decorations in place first!).


Someone in my neighborhood had a tree up at Halloween! 

There were also the lighted and animated windows of May D&F and the Denver Dry Goods Store. In Englewood, the Frohlich Crane Co also raised a giant lighted tree with the crane between Broadway and Santa Fe.


Now you have flooded me with memories of my first Christmas in Denver!

I could hardly wait for the day after Thanksgiving to go downtown to see the windows at what was at that time simply the May Company, and of course the Denver Dry.

Had to go to the Denver Dry Tea Room, after looking at the windows.

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