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This is exciting news! Thanks so much.

We're so glad you're excited, Lori! We're pretty excited too.

Where would we be without all of our amazing volunteers?! This is a fantastic service!

Which library are the genealogists?

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The genealogists are available on the 5th Floor of the Central Library. Hope to see you soon, Jen!

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and it is not possible for me to visit Denver. I need some help tracking down an ancestor of my cousin. I am helping her track down some history on her father. His name was Albert Henry Hubbard (went by A.H.), born 5/28/1883 in Colorado and died in West Virginia. The 1920 and 1930 census show him being born in Colorado and both of his parents being born in Colorado. Oral history says his father was John Hubbard. Some researchers think John's wife was named Sarah Williams. I have been searching as much as I can online. Is there any other help I can get? My cousin is 87 years old and in bad health. I am trying to solve this mystery for her but it has been very difficult. I can't find him on any census prior to the 1920 when he was already in West Virginia.

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Look on There is a listing for a Albert Henry Hubbard, born May 28, 1883 in CO, and died in Princeton, West Virginia on Sept 18, 1937 [image of the death certificate on website.] It lists Sarah Williams as his mother and Bertha Jane Jenkins Hubbard as his wife. There are also links to six of his children, (unfortunately deceased), if he is the correct person.

William (Billy) Nuttall, Charles E Stacy & Tom Miller were traveling show men. They were in Denver, Colorado, January-March,1876. Would like to find any info on all three men.
Thank you.

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There is someone named William Nuttall listed on, born in England in 1837 and died Sept 22, 1896 in Denver, CO. There is an extremely long narrative about him on findagrave, (though not many actual references), that mentions both of the names Charles Stacy and Tom Miller. It claims he was one of the founders of Rapid City, SD. You might see if it looks reasonable. Good luck.

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