The First Railroad From Denver To Salt Lake City

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I liked your description, ... wriggles through canons so narrow that only one coat of paint can be put on the cars. That statement really paints a vivid picture in my mind. Thanks for the history lesson.

We're glad you enjoyed the post. We have more coming from Steve, so stayed tuned!

Nice piece Steve, liked your humor in this, especially the part about going over Marshall Pass and the three fat guys!

I think people missed the quotes. :) Maybe italics should've been used. Vivid and funny descriptions by Fitch. Nice find. Amazing feat getting through the mountains with the railroad.

I think your suggestion on quotes may have helped. We're glad you enjoyed the post!

Fitch was definitely using some creative license when he was talking about the Rio Grande, but just enough truth is mixed in to make it believeable. The last section about men using ropes and parachutes to dig a railroad grade is half-correct. Parachutes were not very common in 1881 when the San Juan extension's high line over the Animas River was blasted out of the rocky cliffs. Nonetheless, the men must have had nerves of steel to manage such work with what passed for rope back then!

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Thanks, Mady! Take care!

I am looking for a picture of my grandfather Albert F Meyers who worked for the Denver Salt Lake railroad out of Phippsburg Co

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