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I lived in this house 1952 -1957 left and joined the navy I


Cool article, not sure if this can be fixed, but in the HOW DID THE FIRE START paragraph it says the fire was Denver 4, 1975...

I Gone

Due to work I have been up and down that road many times at night.

I have heard many various stories about the lady in white.

One is that in the late 1800's the husband had gone mad and burnt the house down with his family inside killing them and a manhunt inside, about two years later he was caught, convicted and hung for his crime.

It is said if you drive Riverdale road at night you just might see the lady in white walking along side the road in sesrchnof her children, and that some have actually stopped and talked to her, offering her a ride unknowingly that she is deciest, but when they turn back to help her in the car she had vanished.

That is one of many stories of the lady in white.

Happy Halloween everyone.

I live pretty close to the road and past by there earlier today and saw the Cameron with one headlight and gave me the chills

I had actually been in the Wolpert mansion before it burned down. . .

Where is it located at??

I grew up in Thornton and lived there since the late seventies. Me and my friends and sister used to go down there. It's not haunted. The place that was is Ridge Home. They tore it down finally. Also the Platte river is pretty bad as God only knows how much bad crap happened there over the years, alot if missing persons floated there or were left on it's shores including kids.


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