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I love this - I have lived around the area for many years - and also I worked at the HFOS - corn maze. I have felt the creeps in the middle of the night!

You had me at "phantom Camaro."

Thank you for presenting the facts behind the mystery and for acknowledging the early preservation efforts of the Rodecks. How sad it must have been to lose that significant house to fire.

Thanks for reading, Laurie!

I actually been to this area many times investigating the Paranormal n have found some active evidence of this area where the mansion once have stood. Definitely an interesting area that others should check out. Found only one location burnt up where is to believe the location of the mansion. Awesome to see another view picture of the mansion before it was burnt down.

Watch "Isaac Garcia" on YouTube

This is a link to my YouTube channel here I have a 3 part video Paranormal investigation of the wolpert mansion

My family lived in this house. It was so beautiful. A black fireplace was in living room. The stained glass windows were amazing. I have pictures of me by the fireplace. Many wonderful memories. My folks rented the house and farmed the land.

I grew up in this house. What wonderful memories. Behind the house near what we called the sunroom was a dungeon. At least that’s what we called it. Also a two room bldg was on the east side.

Can I please have the address I would like to explore the paranormal in that area

Hi Isaih,
"At around 1 a.m. on November 28, 1975, a home located at 9190 Riverdale Road became engulfed in flames."


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