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It's interesting to compare the dress of fans in this and other photos of 50+ years ago to the fans of today. Fans today are dressed a lot more casual.

Definitely. Back in those days, a man simply didn't leave the house without a hat on his head. Thanks for commenting!

I love hats.(not a cap) Caps seem to have won out over hats in our time. But to me a fine hat on a gent means he knows style. And knows of a different age when going out on the town meant looking his best.

Can't really argue against a sharp-looking cap!

My mom's family lived in a semi-rural area but in the 30s and 40s when they went into town to the nearest "city" (population probably about 3000) on weekends my grandfather always wore his three-piece suit and a hat. People now dress pretty sloppily. I'm as guilty of it as anyone. I watch old 40s movies and marvel at the mens' haircuts and all the "hair tonic", i.e. grease, they used. I always wonder what that did to their fine hats.

All that hair tonic seemed to have won the War on Hat Head! I'd look like a disaster if I wore a fedora every day! Thanks for commenting and reading.

Wow! What amazes me is how peaceful they seem, and how they don't seem to mind the lack of personal space. And no phones!! Great post, thank you.

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