Community Tuesday: Hayman Fire Affected History

The fires in Jefferson County this week are a reminder of the Hayman fires in Douglas County in 2002. This community by the Douglas County History Research Center is looking to document those fires with your stories and photos.

The Schoonover and Hayman Fires of May and June 2002 burned more than 138,000 acres and 133 homes in 20 days. It still holds the record for being Colorado's largest wildfire ever. Most of the fire (72%) stayed on the Pike National Forest south and west of Denver and northwest of Colorado Springs, Colorado. Enough fire escaped national forest lands to cause significant private damage. When residents came back to the burned over areas after the evacuations, if they found their home in tact, they found the landscape vastly different. This community documents not only the fire but the impacts on the land before and after the blaze.

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