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Riverside African-American Burials

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Riverside Cemetery
Established 1876
5201 Brighton Blvd.
Denver, CO 80216

Pioneers, Social Activists, regular folks; Riverside Cemetery is the traditional burial location for Denver’s African-Americans.

From its beginning in 1876 Riverside has been a welcoming and inclusive burial ground for Denver’s diverse communities. Bobbie Dozier, Janet Durst, Thomas Entzminger, Hamilton Jenkins, Willie Rivers, Harry Waters and other volunteers from the Denver Black Genealogy Search Group examined over 86,000 Riverside burials, copied all pertinent information from cards that indicated a racial code of Black, Colored and Negro and produced an index to over 5240 burial records (PDFs).

Riverside Cemetery, Denver

Riverside Cemetery, Denver
Photo by L.C. McClure, Denver [between 1900 and 1935].

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