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William P. Horan Burial Records
Index 1900 to 1956

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The registers are arranged by year. No attempt has been made to abstract any or all of the possible information contained for each burial. The last names are indexed. The index has six columns: last name, first name, year, page, age and color/race. The last names are in alphabetical order followed by the first name. The year is the year of death or burial and corresponds to the Burial Register. The page is the page number in the register. Age and race have been included to help distinguish between persons of the same name. The information from the original index has been used for the missing years of 1904, 1905, 1929, 1935 and 1954. Therefore, no age or race will be listed.

Contact the Western History/Genealogy Department to obtain information from the Horan Burial Records. The bound volumes are fragile manuscripts which cannot be photocopied. Two forms (dependent on time period) are available for extracting details from the registers. Sample form one | Sample form two

The W. P. Horan Mortuary Records and Denver Coroner’s Office Records were donated to the Denver Public Library by the Horan family through the efforts of the Honorable Senator Dennis J. Gallagher in 1985. The reports of the Coroner’s Office cover the following years: 1903-July 1904, January 10, 1911-May 28, 1912, and July 1, 1916-October 23, 1916. The Mortuary Burial Records date from 1900 through 1956. The years 1904, 1905, 1929, 1935 and 1954 were not donated to the Library. The Mortuary Financial Records date from 1891-1902, April 1917-1919, 1930-1944, 1945-1952, January 1956-August 1958. The collection has a chronological index alphabetized by first letters for the years 1900 through 1956 for the burial records.

The original registers may contain all or some of the following information: name of the deceased, date of death, race, age in years, month and days; full name, marital status, last place of residence, occupation, gender, and birthplace. The father’s name and birthplace, mother’s name and birthplace, cause of death, attending physician and address, place of burial, cemetery lot or grave number, cemetery section number, place of service, time of service, date of burial, and officiating clergyman. In some cases, investigative details, coroner's reports, and other circumstances are recorded. Additional information which may have been provided includes a description of the casket with the lining, pillow and handles as well as the use of draperies, candelabra, candles, crepe, and chairs. Other items of interest sometimes include what the body was preserved with, whether the body was washed, dressed or shaved, how many coaches, porters and hearses were used or if the body was shipped to another city for burial.

William P. Horan Burial Records Index was compiled by Janet Guida as a volunteer project for the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Central Denver Public Library. Other people who helped with the project include Lisa Backman, Marilyn Douglas, Florence Eighty, Thelma Fees, Bonnie J. Garramone, Sue Hawks, James Jeffrey, Gwen Mayer, Rosalie Stephens, and Randel Metz.

William P. Horan founded the Horan Mortuary in 1890. The firm was initially a short-lived partnership named Murphy & Horan. It was located in the old Charles Block at 15th and Curtis Street. About 1893, Horan moved to the old Law Hotel building at 18th and Stout Street. In 1907 W. P. Horan constructed his third location at 1527 Cleveland Place. The name was changed to W. P. Horan & Son in 1914 when his son W. P. Horan, Jr. joined the business. In 1926 the mortuary was first incorporated under the laws of the state of Colorado and continued to serve the people of Denver as W. P. Horan & Son, Inc. Paul Horan joined his father and brother in 1929 before beginning his own firm of Paul Horan Mortuary.

William P. Horan was a native of Greenfield, Massachusetts where he was born in 1866. He came to Denver in 1887 and established his undertaking business in 1890. That same year he married Lila Carrigan. They were the parents of Joseph, Frank, William P., R. Paul, Mrs. Louis B. (Lucille) Vidal and Mrs. William (Isabell) Lebling. He served four terms as coroner for Denver, the first being in 1900 and the last ending in 1918. Mr. Horan was active in the Democratic Party, a member of the Knights of Columbus, Elks, and Woodmen of the World. He was a past state president of the National Council of Catholic Men, Denver Athletic Club, Denver Motor Club, Royal Arcanum, Brotherhood of American Yeomen, Knights of Pythias, Modern Woodmen of America, Colorado Pioneer Society, Modern Brotherhood of America, Security Benefit Association, the Holy Name Society, and the St. Vincent de Paul Society. He was a member of the Cathedral Altar, Rosary and Tabernacle societies. He was also an associate member of the Women of Woodcraft. W.P. Horan died in 1930 and is buried at Mt. Olivet Cemetery.

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  • The burial records index is organized by last name for the years 1900 through 1956. Each letter of the alphabet is available as a PDF. To see part of the actual register, contact staff.
  • PDF search tip: In Adobe, go to Edit/Find or click on the binoculars to search the PDF for a specific name or string of letters.
  • Sample form one for burial details
  • Sample form two for burial details


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