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Fiftyniners' Directory
Colorado Argonauts

Pikes Peak Region
Compiled by Henrietta E. Bromwell
Denver, Colorado 1926

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The following notes are very much abbreviated, condensed, made to fit into small space, then arranged alphabetically by surnames. A complete index is to follow, as many other names occur within the text, also names of places in many parts of the world, but this work is reserved for a future volume for which I already have considerable material collected. Old newspaper files, mining records, land and other public records, notes in cases at court, in wills, sometimes in marriage and death records, in cemetery statistics, and often old gravestones have yielded results. All of the prominent Histories of Colorado have been searched, as well as smaller and less well known publications. The largest number of Fiftyniners ever collected together before appeared in Hall's History. I could not find more than a few hundred names in any of the printed lists. I have increased our knowledge of these heroes by several thousand names, each with a tiny bit of history, often taken from several slips which represent excursions into a number of books or records. For instance, the birth date may be taken from newspaper, his arrival in Colorado from an old file of News or Herald, or some other ancient paper, and possibly the date of his death from a tombstone, and some facts about his children and heirs from his will, or a copy of it. This collection might be called with propriety “The Roll of the Unknown”, for here they are placed with their fellows and voyageurs, among a few more famous ones who are perpetually being repeated in the histories so far published. I hope that this list will be valuable for genealogical research, as so many of our finest old American names are here, as well as many which indicate an origin in the older world. I love these Unknown Heroes, whose names I am giving to you today.

Denver, Colorado, December 25, 1926

Henrietta Elizabeth Bromwell

Complete information can be found in the Colorado Portrait and Biography Index.

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