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ZABRINSKY, William, “of Platte County, Missouri,” endorses Lewis Ferguson’s paper, recorded in Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber B, p. 151, old, Dec 1859.

ZIEGLER, William, of Missouri (also said to be from Indiana. Probably both statements correct.), arrived it is said with David K. Wall, the party going to Arapahoe City, then very lively, early in 1859. It is said that he accompanied Gregory on his first trip of discovery in May of that year, when they found the Gregory gold mines of famous memory. He was then associated with partner Defries, the firm called Defries & Ziegler. In Horace Greeley’s Report, January of the year, they all started up the Clear Creek Valley together. A later partnership was called Ziegler, Spain & Company. This party is mentioned on Hall’s Colorado History, Vol. 1, p. 198, as having a sluice running at Gregory Diggings for three weeks and cleaned up 3,000 pennyweights of gold dust. These partners were from South Bend, Indiana. They had four in the Company, and one hired worker, as this was often the case. They made each man from twenty-one to four hundred and ninety five dollars per day, during the summer.

The name Zeigler does not appear in the Denver Directory of 1866, so it is likely that they did not come here, but in the Golden City Books of Wills there is mention of Charles Ziegler, whose Will was written Jan 11, 1884, and probated Oct 26, 1896. The wife mentioned was Mara Ziegler, and there were two daughters, May and Margaret (now married), these being by a first wife, and also a daughter Frances S. Ziegler.

The last named family is included in this record, as there is a possibility of their being related to the Zieglers of the notes given above.

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