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Fiftyniners' Directory
Colorado Argonauts



FAILS, ---. (of firm of Hartford & Fails) mining, Russell’s Gulch summer of 1859. (RMN)

FAIRPLAY, on the Platte, only survivor in 1890 of the camps of ’59 on that stream.

FALLS RIVER, in 1859 construction was already under way, the cost to be about $100,000 for ditches to carry its waters to the mining camps. The Falls River Ditch Company originated by miners in Russell’s Gulch in July, was to convey water from the stream 11 miles, and William Green Russell was leader in this movement. An article about the Falls River Water Company is in RMN, p. 1, Jul 23, 1859. (Files) It also gave its name to a mining camp. The river is a Tributary of South Clear Creek, and rises in high mountains near Long’s Peak.

FARAVELL, P. J., a resident of Globeveville, near Denver, 1907. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Arrived Denver Mar 1, 1859.

FAREWELL, Fidelia Anne, of City of Denver, grantee, from J. H. Russell of same, consideration $30, 46 feet on south side Blake Street, commencing 54 feet from the northwest corner of Pappan. Jul 20, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, ’59)

FARLEY & COMPANY, mining in Pleasant Valley, eight men, summer 1859.

FARRAND, Charles A., grantor, Denver lots, Oct 1859. (Land Records)

FARRELL, Col., of Golden City, mentioned in RMN 1859. (See Ferrell ?)

FARWELL, arrived May 12, 1859 (of Amboy, Illinois), three brothers. (RMN)

FARWELL, D. C., arrived in wagon 10 of E. Doty’s Lightning Train of 10 wagons, May 22, 1859. Was accompanied by DeBarck of Kansas Territory. (RMN)

FASCHER, Charles, a pioneer of 1858, mining in Gregory Gulch.

FASSETT, J. W., of Denver, arrived Jun 15, 1859. Born Illinois Jan 7, 1836. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society.

FAUERT, Hephon, was witness to deed, Denver City Oct 12, 1859.

FELLOWS, Homer (Horner ?), an incorporator of the Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road, Dec 1859. He is Secretary of the Toll House, on Wagon Road, on 4th Street Mt. Vernon, same year. January 1, 1860 makes transfer of Eight Mile House Ranche at head of Eight Mile Gulch, above Golden Gate City. On Jan 11 in Western Mountaineer (or RMN) the name of H. Fellowes is signed to an advertizement of Mt. Vernon Wagon Road Company (1860). Oct 27, 1859, Homer Fellows (Secretary of Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road) claims for self, one quarter section land on said road at the head of the Gulch, seven miles above the town of Mt. Vernon, and claims for the Company a one quarter section of land on said road where it leaves the valley of the Platte River. (Jefferson County Land Records) The last transaction for the company is dated Nov 2.

FELLOWS, Miles, arrived by Plattsmouth Nebraska Train of Wagons Oct 24 1858. (Fellowes)

FELTER, John, grantee, Auraria, Dec 17, 1859, lot 5, block 36, Auraria.

FENDLER, of Auraria City, Dec 13, 1859, grantor of lot 5, block 13, Auraria City, to Albert Buddee.

FENE, George L., witness to deed Denver, Nov 24, 1859.

FENTON & AULD, (see under A. Fenton) leading merchants of Auraria or Denver, and buyers of Gold Dust. 1859.

FENTON, A., partner in store with D. Auld, and J. W. Iliff, Lawrence Street, Denver 1859. (Directory)

FENTON, H., arrived May 12, 1859. From Cleveland, Ohio. (RMN)

FERGUSON, George, files claim for land for ranching purposes 160 acres, near Arapahoe City, and adjacent C. W. Fisk’s claim located at same time, May 1859. (Jefferson County Land Records, Liber 1, Golden)

FERGUSON, Levi, was of Auraria at first, later of Denver City, and in Mar 1859 was elected Clerk of County Supervisors of the County of Arapahoe, Territory of Kansas. (This was before the agitation for a new State or Territory had taken much form.) He was a stockholder of Denver City in this year, and in August is grantor of lots. In June he is delegate from Huerfano to the first Constitutional Convention.

FERRELL, Charles M., was in 1859 one of the first settlers in Golden City. (See Farrell.)

FERRELL, J. M. (John M.), located Jul 1859, ranche claim of 160 acres, along north line of David K. Wall’s claim, beginning at northeast corner of Golden City. “Where my cabin is built.” (Recorded in both Denver and Golden Land Records 1859.) Ferrell built the first bridge over Clear Creek, where the Avenue now crosses it and collected toll from it before June of this year. In same month he was delegate from Golden to the first Constitutional Convention in Auraria. He was Chairman at the meeting in Auraria in Sep 24, to begin the work of organizing a Provisional Territorial Government, after failure of the attempt to establish a legal Territory of Jefferson. He was correspondent of the RMN in Golden, calling himself “Toughcuss.” Dec 21, same year, he requests all holders of Golden City lots who have not improved them to call upon him at once. (He was Chairman of the Committee of the Association.) He was a member (or candidate) of the first Masonic Lodge of Golden, 1860. His wife, Mrs. Ferrell, with Mrs. Ramsey, Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. McKay, assisted in preparing the regalia of this Lodge, founded Feb 17, 1860. Mrs. J. M. Ferrell “of the Miners’ Hotel, Golden, is said to get up the finest supper between the Missouri River and West Saratoga.” (This in RMN Jan 13, 1860) (Possibly the note is from Western Mountaineer ?) (See first)

The RMN Dec 11, 1862 has the following: Died, Jeannette S., wife of John M. Ferrell, late of Golden City, aged 53 years, on Nov 2, 1862 at Portageville, New York, after an illness of 12 months.

Ferrell was of course a member of the Golden City Town Company in 1859.

FERREN, D. W., has mining claim, Gregory Diggings, Oct 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 16, 1859)

FERRIS, H., was witness to deed, Mountain City, Sep 26, 1859. Was hotelkeeper here. (Directory) (Gregory Record)

FETTS, Theodore, was a stockholder in 1858 of the Auraria Town Company – Nov 1.

FEW, S., in Jun 1859 was delegate from Illinois Central Precinct to the first Constitutional Convention. FEW & Company were mentioned in RMN during this summer as mining in Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats.

FIELD (FIELDS) (spelled both ways in different notes), Mr., was manager of Express Department of the Post Office Denver City, 1859. Also spoken of as Postmaster.

FIELD, Martin, mentioned by Larimer as in charge of the Post Office in Denver (or Post Office branch of the Express Company) (letter, 1859). He was in June this year delegate from Fountain City to the Convention (first) to form Constitution from the proposed State or Territory of Jefferson. In Aug 23 same year he owns lots in Denver City in blocks 46-38- and 62. Later, in Jan 1860 he was appointed Postmaster at Golden City.

FIELD, W., was witness Oct 28, 1859, Auraria. (This may be M. Field ?)

FIFTYNINERS, an early note of one of their meetings is in file of RMN Jul 10, 1867: “A meeting of the Society of Fiftyniners will be held at the Court room at 8 O’clock this evening, to make arrangements to attend the funeral of Bishop A. Barney, and a general and prompt attendance is requested.

D. C. Oakes, President”

FIGLEY, H. M., had claim opposite another one claimed by John Hughes, on east bank of the Platte. Nov 28, 1859 (See Hughes.)

FILLER. George W., sells his Denver lots to W. H. Parkerson. Filler is of Thompson’s Fork. This is a note from Arapahoe County Land Records, 1859. (Liber not stated, but see index.)

FILMORE, Major John S., was a friend of Judge Amos Steck, and in 1860 was with Steck in Post Office in Denver. Filmore is said by Larimer (Reminiscences, p. 173) to be of ’59 Argonauts, and from Watertown, Wisconsin.

FISHER, Mr., his train arrived spring 1859 Denver city. (RMN)

FISHER, Mr., of firm of Babcock, Fisher & Company, mining, Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats, summer 1859. (RMN)

FISHER, Rev. George W., Methodist minister, held first services in Nov 1858, said to have preached in Jones & Smith’s cabin, used in one end for gambling, which went on during the services. He visited the Larimers in their camp at mouth of Cherry Creek and preached nearby. In Oct 1859 he is on record as being entitled to four select, and four draw lots. (Denver City) 25-26-29-30, in block 45 are those selected. Earlier than this in 1858 he was [given] Donation Lots with agreement to build hewed log house. On Dec 17, 1859 he is grantee of lot 9, block 44, Auraria, consideration $200. Later than this he preaches at Masonic Hall in Auraria, probably before Christmas, and on Dec 21, four days before that holiday he marries Mr. Charles Corbin and Miss Eliza Burch.

FISHER, Morton C., (sometimes described as Morton A. Fisher), received four Donation Lots from Denver Town Company in 1858. His name is in Index to Arapahoe County Land Records, May 11, 1859, and on May 23, he is grantor from D. C. Collier, to lots and house of Collier on northwest side of Blake Street, on the 7th lot from D. Street, between C. and D. Streets, in Denver City, consideration $45.00. (From Whitsitt’s Land Records, 1859.) He lived in Auraria and also Denver, and during ’59 arrived home from Taos, New Mexico with train of flour which he is said to have sold to everybody on credit, only charging them 16 dollars a sack when he might have charged thirty, so great was the need. He was in Russellville part of this year, and was in lumber business, and buying gold dust in last part of the year and in ’60 with partners Thomas J. Almy and H. J. Rogers, under firm name of Fisher, Almy and Rogers. This firm bought up poor fellows’ claims and made good thing of it sometimes, it is said. They also outfitted and “grubstaked” poor prospectors. They had offices in both of the rival cities. Morton Fisher died in London, England Dec 30, 1889 – found dead in bed. (Note-book of Mr. Sopris) (The last statement only.)

FISK, Mr., of Arapahoe, mentioned in RMN ’59.

FISK, Mr., of firm of Chase, Fisk & Company, mining, Russell’s Gulch, spring 1859.

FISK, Charles W., ranche claim, taken or located, May 25, 1859. Filed for record Jan 18, 1860. “Commencing at foot of G. Street in Arapahoe City, or town, on Clear Creek, running south ½ mile, 160 acres.” There is no witness to this claim record. (Jefferson County Land Records, Liber I) Later in same year, Fisk is witness to deed to land 1-1/2 mile west of town of Arapahoe, Bristow, grantor, --- Wall, grantee, Jun 7.

FITZ, James, claimant of Claim No. 6, McLeod & Company lands in fork of Plum Creek. (Divide country) Oct 1859. (This Company papers recorded in Arapahoe County Land Records, 1859) See McLeod for plats, etc.

FITZGERALD, Dr. E., a resident of town of Arapahoe in 1859. In the little Directory of Denver of 1859 (businessmen and firms only) E. Fitzgerald is Assistant Territorial Assessor under the Provisional Government (this would be late in that year) and in RMN it is stated that he was a candidate for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

FITZGERALD, I. B., of Golden City, a resident 1859.

FITZGERALD, W. H., bricklayer, McGaa Street, Denver City. (Directory, 1859)

FITZPATRICK, John B., (Golden City) arrived Jun 17, 1859. Born Canada Jun 26, 1830. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Name from list. He was probably a founder of Golden.

FLANAGAN, Mr., miner, Gregory Diggings, summer 1859. (RMN)

FLETCHER, Charles, a resident of Golden Gate City, 1859.

FLETCHER, Eli, on Oct 30, 1859, in partnership with Templeman purchases the Walmesley Ranche (see) between Golden City and Denver City. (Land Records, Jefferson County, liber A, p. 47)

FLICK, William, witness to legal paper, Auraria, Nov 1859.

FLOWERS, C. H., witness, Auraria land transaction Dec 22, 1859, another Dec 26, same year, is written C. W. Flower. (Probably same party.) Auraria.

FLYNN & DOW, mining firm Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats, summer 1859.

FLYNN, Samuel, an Express package received for him. Advertized in RMN 1859.

FOKER, J., of Auraria City, boot and shoemaker, 5th Street (this is now called Larimer Street) on west side, or West Denver. (Directory of 1859, business only, Mss.)

FOLGER, H. A., Critic of Rocky Mountain Debating Club, Denver, 1859. (Mentioned in RMN)

FOOT, Dr., of Mountain City, is in Jul 1859 of rescue party organized to search mountains for bodies of the murdered Kennedy and Schank. (See under Kennedy.)

FOOT, H., delegate from Arapahoe Town to convention to form beginnings of a Provisional Government for Jefferson Territory, autumn 1859.

FOOT, O. P. (D. P. ?), Territorial Representative elect from 15th District, 1859.

FOOTE, David P., of Chicago, miner 1859 in Gregory Diggings, may be same as D. P. Foots who had ranche claim recorded in Jefferson County this year, Jul 20, adjacent Claim of H. Burch (Land Records, Liber A, p. 40)

FOOTE, Robert, of Denver, on Jun 25, 1859, is grantor to William A. Smith, lots, etc. and on Dec 31 is grantee, consideration $250, two Denver lots on Blake between C. and D. Streets, H. P. A. Smith is grantor. On Nov 1 same year he is “of Green County, Indiana” and to J. Kershaw gives power of attorney to sell his Denver lots “on Blake Street, corner of G. Street.” On Feb 3, 1860 he is still described as “of Green County, Indiana,” and makes deed for several Denver lots, his signature being certified to in same County in Indiana.

FOOTE & SIMMONS, mining in Gregory Diggings (from Chicago), may be same as party above. (RMN, 1859)

FORBES, Jack, noted desperado, said by RMN to be “coming to the Diggings.” Later in season of 1859 he seems to have arrived.

FORBES, John, of Denver City, grantor to O. E. Baker, of same, on Mar 23, 1859 one lot on McGaa Street, consideration $400, recorded Apr 20, 1860.

FORBES, Thomas, arrived Jun 14, 1859. From clipping (dateless) in back of Gilpin County Pioneers’ Association Record book it is stated that he was one of its members and died 1903.

FORBIS, Mr., arrived from Indiana, in Denver, spring of 1859. (RMN)

FORD, ---, of firm of Witcher, Reeves, & Ford, mining in Russell’s Gulch, summer of 1859.

FORD, A. C., attorney of Denver City, 1859, and in June of same year member first Constitutional Convention from Kayote Precinct. In August was witness in lot sale in Auraria, and bought lots of the Clarks in October, but in Sep 1860 is missing. He leaves paper on file in land office recording his division of property with Sarah Jane Vailes. He is thought to have been originally from Wisconsin, and to be a surveyor. Was taken from coach on Plains and never seen afterward. (Taken by vigilantes.) See histories for record.

FORD, (brothers) of Golden, were associated in 1859 with Ed Chase and Ed McClintock, business in that town. (see RMN and Western Mountaineer)

FORD, D. R., resided Denver and member Colorado Pioneers’ Association arrived Jul 1859. Born in Maine May 16, 1819.

FORD, Francis R., pioneer of 1859 to the Valley of the Arkansas from Maine. Farmer and miner. F. R. Ford & Company in Gregory Diggings this year, in September, have claims there. (Gregory Record, p. 10) Another account states that he is of Walker & Company in Gregory. (See this.)

FORD & HAINES, of Golden, in 1859 were bridge builders, erecting bridges over the Platte from Auraria and Denver to Highland Sep 23.

FORD, Hiram, of Golden City, 1859 took shot at Vanover in the affair of September this year. (For extended account see RMN file.) Hiram Ford was one of the Petitioners of Sep 22, 1860 to Grand Lodge of Kansas Territory for a Masonic Lodge in Golden City. This was realized and the same Lodge exists today.

FORD, Hobart, was “of Auraria” Nov 26, 1859 grantee of lot 1, in block 5, Auraria City.

FORD, J., in 1859 was locator of claim later bought by Lewis & Mowbry in Bear Creek district, 160 acres, ranche land. (Liber A, p. 13) This sale was on Jan 20, 1860.

FORD, J. R., grantee, of claim for mining on Prospect Lode, Gregory Diggings. Recorded at Mountain City, Sep 28, 1859. (Gregory Record, p. 13)

FORD, W., (William ?), member first Constitutional Convention from Golden City. William Ford is said to have lived 1859 in Golden, and to have engaged in the attempted shooting of Edgar Vanover. (He was called “Bill Ford.”)

FORREST, “Charley”, female miner, described in RMN at Mountain City Sep 20, 1859. Said to have been born near New Orleans, Louisiana, wore trousers.

FORREST, J. L., and A FORREST, partners in carpentering and cabinet making on Larimer Street, Denver. (Mss. Business Directory 1859)

FORSTER, Billy, a young man living in Auraria in 1859, mentioned in letter from Mr. Ramage to the Secretary of Denver Lodge No. 5, to whom he was sending statistics of old Auraria Lodge. This letter is printed in the booklet of the Denver Lodge issued 1906.

FORT EYRIE, a political precinct in 1859.

FORT LARAMIE, a political precinct in autumn 1859. Delegates from this place attended the convention to form Provisional Government.

FORTUNE, Thomas L., surveyor, merchant, freighter, opened supply store in Auraria City in 1858. A partner in the firm of James M. Iddings & Company. He was an inventive genius, had tried his “Steam Wagon” which was quite wonderful but on dirt roads was unsuccessful. He is said to have founded Mt. Pleasant, Kansas, in 1855. Born in Virginia Nov 25, 1825, emigrated Kentucky with parents, then Missouri in the forties, 1854 to Kansas. He died in Atchison, Kansas. He had made several inventions and some money, held positions in public office in Kansas. Left children, Leonard S. and Douglas Fortune of Atchison and Mrs. D. D. Devor of California. (The Trail, Nov 1924)

FOSDICK, Henry, Civil Engineer and Surveyor, office 1859 on Larimer Street, Denver. (Directory) He appears to have bought lots and is grantee jointly with R. E. Whitsitt during year, and again in November same year. Also is candidate for City Engineer, and with A. N. Tappan, publishes Dec 1, 1859 the first map of the cities of Auraria, Denver and Highland.

FOSS, COOVER, & COMPANY, 14 men, mining, Russell’s Gulch 1859.

FOSS, S. W., files for record on Jan 2, 1860 his farm claim of 160 acres, one half mile south of the Bradford town site, southeast corner of Jones & Thompson’s claim and on west by Frank Shelley’s claim, and cornering on the northwest with J. W. McIntyre. (This note is from either Arapahoe County or Jefferson County Land Records of 1859.)

FOSTER, ---, of Curtis & Foster, groceries, saddles, store opposite the “Old Post Office’ Auraria, 1859. (Drygoods also included)

FOSTER & COMPANY, mining, Illinois Gulch and Missouri Flats, 1859.

FOSTER, Arthur, was witness in Auraria, Jan 9, 1860 to signature of deed and must be of ’59, at least on way to goldfields.

FOSTER & STORM, three men, mining, Pleasant Valley, 1859.

FOSTER, W. B., (Denver) arrived Jun 1859, member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Born Virginia, Mar 1, 1830.

FOSTER, William C. (or William S. ?), member of first Constitutional Convention Jun 1859 from Gregory Diggings. This could hardly be the same given just above, for there would not be enough time for the election of a delegate. (See.) He was a partner of Charles P. Marion, (civil engineers) with office on Ferry Street, Auraria, 1859. He was a delegate from Colona, in northern part of territory in the convention in Oct 1859 in Auraria (or Denver) to make plans and constitution for the proposed Provisional Government. (After failure of the first attempt at a regular Territorial Government.)

FOSTER’S AND RUBER’S lot in Auraria, in block 35, next lot 5, is mentioned in deed Jan 19, 1859. (This would indicate rather an early arrival in the goldfields.)

FOUNTAIN CITY, was in 1859 in 7th District (political). In December this year a Bridge company was beginning to build across Arkansas River from the city.

FOUTS, L., from Illinois, arrived Denver by E. Doty’s Lightning Train of 10 wagons, occupying with others Wagon No. 7, May 22, 1859. (RMN)

FOUTS, William, of Arapahoe City, arrived from Missouri early spring 1859 with D. Wall’s party. Later he is of Gregory Diggings.

FOWL, of firm of Sherman, Fowl & Company with train of wagons from Lee County, Illinois.

FOWLER, ---, of Pardee & Fowler firm, Denver, 1859.

FOX, --- (firm of King, Fox & Company), mining, five men, Pleasant Valley, 1859.

FOX & COMPANY, mining in Pleasant Valley 1859, 11 men.

FOX, Emma, probably a child, a pupil in one of the first small public schools of Auraria or Denver. (Name in Smiley’s History)

FOX, Frank, pupil with Emma, above. (See.)

FOX, G. A., of Huron County, Ohio, arrived May 5, 1859 in Capt. A. Hess’ pioneer wagon train by Smoky Hill Route, 63 days on trip, and part of time without water or wood. (RMN, May 7, 1859)

FOX, Dr. John M., is grantor of Donation Lots, transferred by him in Denver City to Amos Steck, Sep 6, 1859. He is general agent for Jones & Russell’s Express Company, also for Leavenworth City and Pike’s Peak Express Company. Later in same year it is stated that “Dr. J. M. Fox, connected with the Express Company, is leaving for the States.” In one land transaction Dr. Jonathan Fox is given, and J. M. Fox is mentioned several times during year, once as a member of the first Constitutional Convention, a delegate from Denver, again as the orator at Fourth of July Celebration in the cottonwood grove on Platte where he reads the Declaration of Independence, etc.

Note: There is a death of a JOHN H. FOX, aged 33 years, Jul 20, 1860, “died above the upper crossing.” He is spoken of in RMN as having a residence. (Aug 1, 1859 file) Omaha and Council Bluffs papers are invited to “please copy.” This may be another person, as most likely Dr. Fox would have received more of a notice. (?)

FRANCIS & COMPANY, four men, Russell’s Gulch, mining, 1859. (RMN)

FRANKLIN, Benjamin, had two Donation Lots from Denver City Town Company Dec 3, 1858. In Jul 1859 he is “of Denver City” and the record certificate that he is the owner, or is entitled to two “select lots,” 1-2 in block 42, southeast corner of D. and Blake Streets in Denver City, and this day sold to Luther A. Cole. (Jul 13) On same day Franklin assigns lots to Luther A. Cole, of the City of Watertown, County of Jefferson, State of Wisconsin.

FRANZ, George W., received four Donation Lots in Denver City Town Company Dec 4, 1858.

FRAPPE, ---, of Kline & Frappe, restaurant, Mountain City, 1859. (From Directory of)

FRAZER, C. T., located farm claim of Clear Creek joining W. L. Crockett on west, and running up Clear Creek ½ mile. 160 acres “taken under the Claim Club of 1859.” Recorded Mar 20, 1860. (Jefferson County Land Records, Liber A, p. 33)

FRAZIER, Albert, owns claim 9, in McLeod & Company lands at head of Plum Creek Oct 1859. (Recorded in Denver.)

FRAZIER, R. J., was nominated Attorney General in Denver Oct 1859, on ticket of Jefferson Territory (Provisional Government). He is witness in Auraria in same month, at transfer of lots from the Town Company to --- Jarger. He is of Mountain City at one time during year, and statement of his 20 lots with descriptions in Liber A, p. 253, old. Again in this year he is of Pleasant Valley precinct. The name R. T. Frazier appears, but may be same man (?). Has Denver lots, and owns share in Montana (?) Mountain (?) City, Sep 17. Later in 1867 this R. T. Frazier was County Assessor of Summit County. The name of Anna Frazier appears in Arapahoe County Land Records, Jan 23, 1860. This is most likely an arrival of ’59, unless she never was a resident. Her address in the record is given Henry County, Iowa. (?) She receives lot 12, block 324, Auraria City from William M. Slaughter, consideration $50. There is also a death in files of 1863 of Isabella Frazier, aged 14 years, died May 30 of that year. Her death was caused by her clothes catching fire. These may be related (?) to early pioneers.

FRAZIER, William, had claims on Sterling Lode, Mountain City, 1859, and another is on p. 45 of Gregory Record where he is grantor of mining claim in the district to L. D. Crandall, Sep 24 same year.

FREAS, L. M., was an arrival of 1859, proprietor of the “Granite House,” Central City of 1880, a very substantial citizen, came there in year of his arrival in goldfields. He was burned out once, nearly ruined financially, but was in 1880 very successful with the hotel and making money again. He had built it after the fire in 1876 when he was a merchant. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Nov 4, 1818. (Notes from History of Clear Creek and other Counties.)

FREEMAN, ---, of firm of Baldwin & Freeman, mining, Russell’s Gulch 1859.

FREEMAN, Edgar, arrived Nov 1, 1858. He was of Boulder 1880. Was member Colorado Pioneers’ Association 1890 (in Hall’s list) noted as born Pennsylvania Oct 20, 1835.

FREEMAN, Thomas, his ranche claim recorded in Arapahoe County according to following description: Located Dec 29, 1859 commencing at southeast corner of Morrison’s claim, on main channel of South Platte River, to northern line of James Knight’s claim, etc. Thomas Freeman was murdered Nov 30, 1860 “on way to his ranche below Denver.” His interment was at Mt. Prospect Cemetery, under Masonic auspices. The Lodge passed resolutions of respect and condolence, which were in RMN on Dec 26, 1860. (See.)

FREIS, John W., arrived May 26, 1859. Was member Gilpin County Pioneers’ Association (from clipping pasted in back of their record book.)

FREMONT’S ORCHARD, point on the Platte Route to goldfields where first view of the Rockies was to be had. Was a political precinct in 1859. Probably had some inhabitants.

FRENCH, Adnah, (also spoken of as Adna A. French), was an arrival of 1858 with the Lawrence Party coming in the 6th wagon of the train. He was a locator of St. Charles City, same autumn, and in same year stockholder and member of Denver City Town Company. Also one of the Montana Town Company. He had selected lots in Denver City in Oct 1, 1859, and later, Dec 16, was grantor of one half of share 17 in Denver City Town Company. He originally came from Brindon, Vermont, says Smiley (p. 221) but died poor in Santa Fe 1872.

“FRENCH LOUIS” of Louey, arrived with the Plattsmouth-Nebraska Company Oct 24, 1858. A character celebrated among the Fiftyniners. In The Trail, Jan 1923, is notice of this eccentric pioneer, who had in very early days been in the employ of the Catholic Bishop in Denver, and lived in outskirts of town (about 1908) in West Elyria where he had a little cabin. He had raised vegetables for the Bishop’s table. From his home he disappeared mysteriously. He was believed to have kept money about his person.

FRIES, John W., arrived May 1859, died before 1924. Was member of Gilpin County Pioneers’ Association, and name in their list.

FRINK, B. F. & COMPANY, brokers, did business Central City 1859 (advertizement in Tri-Weekly Mining Register) dealers in gold-dust. B. P. FRINK appears as pioneer of 1860 in Hall’s Colorado History. Said to have arrived in July of that year from New Haven, was born New Brunswick Jan 20, 1828. He was living in New Haven in 1890. Mary W. Frink was taxpayer in Central City, 1863 (list). In Golden Gate City died on Oct 11, 1860 Henry W. Frink of typhoid fever, formerly of Saratoga, New York, aged 27 years. “The deceased leaves a wife and one child in Fundy, New York. The funeral was attended by a large number of citizens. Funeral was in Golden City. A short, but impressive discourse was delivered by Rev. Jacob Adriance of Golden City, and the remains were interred in the cemetery there.” (Western Mountaineer, Oct 18, 1860) In another notice it appears that he was a resident of Golden, and buried on Graveyard Hill where his remains were left when the cemetery was dismantled and moved, and his stone can be deciphered still, though much worn and fallen. It was almost the first interment there.

These several Frinks so early in Colorado may be related. (?)

FRITTS, an arrival of 1859, and member of Colorado Pioneers’ Society and name is in their list. Lived Colorado Springs 1920.

FROEBEL, Charles, arrived by Express. He is a distinguished European chemist. He will establish assay office. (RMN file ’59)

FROGGETT, Edward, and wife, pioneers of 1859, living in Gilpin County (Nevadaville) about 1880 (?) (Note from History Gilpin County, etc.)

FROST, D. P., in 1859, elected to the Territorial Council from 3rd District. (RMN)

FULLER, ---, in Jun 1859 the Fuller share was some of it sold. Share in Denver City Town Company.

FULLER, B. F., was member first Constitutional Convention from Eureka, Jun 1859. (RMN)

FULLER, C., name in list of business firms, etc. of Denver & Auraria published in 1859. (from Sopris Mss. Record) He had shop on Larimer Street and was a watchmaker and jeweller.

FULLER, George W., arrival of 1858. Was an original stockholder of Auraria City 1858 and in 1859 same in Denver City Town Company.

FULLER, George W. (see George, above – probably same), was stockholder Denver City Town Company in 1858. Aug 23, 1859 makes transfer of his Denver lots.

FULLER, Hiram, of Golden City, Boulder, Blackhawk, and later Leadville, arrived 1859, miner, quartz mill owner, once owned White Rock Mine one half interest in Seven-Thirty Mine, was Justice of the Peace at Gold Hill. Was born Lebanon, Russell County, Virginia, Apr 29, 1839. His father a planter or farmer, Fowler Fuller.

FULLER, J. C., from Leavenworth, arrived via Platte Route 21 days out, reaching Denver May 1859. He later buys lots Denver City.

FULLERTON, Robert, is grantee Sep 29, 1859 of Auraria lots No. 9, block 9 “with building thereon” Nov 24 same year. Robert E. Fullerton is grantor of Auraria lots.

FULTON, Daniel J., pioneer of South Park 1859. Born Virginia, removed Ohio 1836, Iowa 1849, to California three years, and in 1859 Colorado. Mining one year, tried Idaho, then returned and settled on ranche on Platte sixteen miles below Denver. (Bancroft History Colorado, Vol. 25, p 385)

FURNEY, Thomas and Company, mining, 1859, three men, Nevada Gulch.

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Updated: June 25, 2013