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Fiftyniners' Directory
Colorado Argonauts



DAHLER, Charles L., lived on Ferry Street, Auraria, Directory 1859. Name appears in Land Records, witness, etc., was a judge of election in this year, and succeeded McFadden as President of Auraria Town Company in this year. On Feb 3, 1860 he grants to James B. Reed, lot 6, block 33, Auraria, consideration $1500. (Must have included house.) He was agent of the Overland Stage Line in 1865 (RMN) with offices in 1st floor of Planters’ Hotel. (Charles Dahler kept saloon in Auraria 1859, may be another?) (Directory 1859)

DAILEY, John L., partner of Byers in RMN arrived with Byers party Apr 8, 1859, and was part owner of paper until 1870. Later was connected with Denver Tribune for many years. Born Nov 19, 1833 in Ohio. He was son of William T. Dailey, native of Pennsylvania. His mother Sarak McCormick, native of Posey County, Ohio. He lived in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, moved to Omaha, published a paper at one time. Married 1866 Miss Melissa Rounds of Chicago (died), 2nd Mrs. Helen M. Woodbury, a daughter of Rev. W. E. Manley, Universalist, residence Auburn, New York, four children. His portrait is in RMN, p. 7, Dec 5, 1899. The RMN of Mar 12, 1866 (See files RMN) gives long notice of this marriage.

DAILEY, M. C., (Marcus C.), arrived Apr 27, 1859. Born Pennsylvania 1840. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Association. Lives Denver 1920. Writes of Gregory and Jackson and their discoveries in RMN, p. 8, Dec 5, 1899.

DAILEY, William M., resident of Denver ca. 1890. Listed in Hall’s record of pioneers as a Fiftyniner. Born in Ohio. A William M. Dailey was agent of the RMN at Russell’s Gulch in this year, and in spring of same year he is mentioned with arrivals as from Leo, Indiana.

DALY, Peter F., (son of William Daly, a pioneer of 1857) was member of Pioneers’ Association of Central, in whose record he is said to be or have been “Born 1862.” In 1924 he was living in Denver, having removed from Central City on the failure of mining in and around Gilpin County. He has daughter, a student at Denver University who gave to the compiler the facts about her grandfather. (Follows.)

DALY, William, a native of Pennsylvania, arrived Colorado by oxteam, in party in 1857. He lived in Central and Blackhawk. His son, Peter F., was born in the last named place. He had also a son, William.

DANIELS, George, locates Claim for ranching purposes 160 acres “beginning at southwest corner of Levi Eddy’s claim” (here follows description). Surveyed by P. H. Sayer, Dec 28, 1859. Recorded in Jefferson County Land Records, Jefferson Territory (Liber 1 or A). His claim, (perhaps another ?) is mentioned in description of W. B. Bowers’ claim, same date, Dec 28.

DARGIN, David G., a founder of Golden City, born Androscoggin, Maine, Jun 21, 1835. Came Colorado by oxteam, merchandizing most of time, mining less. Made trip to Idaho and Oregon freighting, returned to Golden and conveyed cargoes of grain to Salt Lake (1868), then explored Los Angeles Valley. Texas claimed him next, and after a trip to Maine he returned Golden, improved his property and went into mining again. He arrived ’59 (no date).

DARLINGTON, ---, (of firm of Murphy, Darlington & Company) Tunnell in Nevada District, 1859.

DARLINGTON, R. D., Oct 3, 1859 files in Mountain City notice of mining claim, Gregory Diggings. (Gregory Record, p. 47)

DARMELLON, J. W. (Darnellan ?) Oct 1, 1859 was witness to signature of deed, Mountain City. (Gregory Record, p. 6)

DARRAH, B. F., (of Denver) arrived June 20, 1859. Born New Hampshire Jan 20, 1828.

DAUGHERTY, C., witness to deed by A. Hamilton, Oct 1, 1859, Gregory Diggings. Recorded at Mountain City. (Gregory Record, p. 37)

DAVENPORT, a town or mining camp of 1859, at mouth of Left Hand Creek. The site is now not to be discovered easily.

DAVENPORT, Dr., was a delegate to the first Constitutional Convention, Jun 11, from Gregory Diggings, 1859. (RMN)

DAVEY, Charles, records farm claim situated on Cherry Creek commencing at Mr. Steele’s northeast corner, etc. Nov 11, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records)

DAVIDSON, William, arrived 1859, Boulder first, member Union Bar Gold Mining Company, in Denver was candidate for Mayor in very early times. Shareholder in Golden Town Company, partner in firm of Davidson & Breath, Golden, whose store stood on grounds of new high school building of later time, in block above old Boston Company’s store. In some accounts his name is given as William A. Davidson, but is probably the same person. In Dec 1859 the Western Mountaineer mentions that William A. Davidson of firm of Davidson & Breath left for his old home, to return with goods early in the spring. He departed from Golden for the northern part of the State early in his career. His life had been eventful. Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Aug 10, 1817, from Quaker stock on one side, Puritan on the other. Educated Phillips’ Academy, also Andover, Massachusetts. His ancestors, many of them followers of the Sea. In Tennessee as surveyor for railroad, then Illinois, same occupation, Iowa City (here essayed farming), 1850 to California, (Placerville, El Dorado County), became wealthy, invested in 3000 acres land, (Amador County) mined, built saw mills, then Iowa in 1856, has built first Ditch near Golden, had stamp mill in Ward. Living 1880 8 miles east of Boulder. President Davidson Coal & Iron Company, and has 8000 acres land. (Files, Land Records, History Boulder Valley)

DAVIS, A. D., claim 19, McLeod & Company plat, on Plum Creek, Divide, Oct 1859. (This recorded in Arapahoe County Land Records)

DAVIS, Anthony, in Oct 1859, has Claim 17 in McLeod & Company plat on Plum Creek, Divide. Land taken for saw milling purposes.

DAVIS, D. B., was in Dec 1859 President of the Illion Town Company in Jefferson County. In 1860, Feb 13, at the Forest Ranche owned by him, his daughter Helen Sophia married George F. Howard. (Files)

DAVIS, Daniel, member first Constitutional Convention, a delegate from Fountain City, Jun 1859. (Meeting in Auraria.)

DAVIS, Isaac F., is mentioned Jan 1859 by William Larimer Jr., as living in Denver, and going to the pineries with Folsom Dorsett.

DAVIS, J. T., a pioneer of 1858, was donated Denver City lots with agreement to build hewed log house in specified time, etc.

DAVIS, James, owns Claim 18, McLeod & Company’s plat, Oct 1859, in company with others, on Plum Creek, land designed for pinery.

DAVIS, John, files certificate of description of his Denver City lots from the Town Company Aug 23, 1859. (Arapahoe Company Land Records)

DAVIS, Jonathan, was witness of signatures of officers of the St. Charles Town Company, on relinquishing to the Denver City Town Company Jul 19, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber D, p. 187, old)

Jonathan Davis is grantee from A. F. Gerrish on Sep 29, 1859, consideration 100 dollars, claim on Clear Creek.

DAVIS, J. R., grantee, Gregory Diggings, claim which is recorded Sep 7, 1859. (Gregory Record)

DAVIS, Mahlon, in Jefferson County Land Records is recorded preemption by him and several others, of land for an addition to city of Golden Gate on date Nov 1, 1859.

DAVIS, R. P., grantee, mining claims, Gregory District, 1859. (Gregory Record)

DAVIS, R. T., early day resident Golden City, had lots donated by Golden City Association (to be drawn) 1859, and there is record of claim located by him for ranching and mining purposes, north of west of the nearest addition to the town of Golden City, “Embracing a flat or piece of ground near the foot of the mountain, the nearest flat to the Toll Gate.” Contains two acres, more or less. Taken Jan 7, 1860.” (Land Records)

DAVIS, T. A., (name from members’ list, Colorado Pioneers’ Association) arrived Jul 9, 1859. Was born Ohio Feb 11, 1841. Lived Telluride 1890.

DAVIS, William, arrived 1859, member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Living 1920 in St. Elmo, Colorado.

DAVISON, James, was in 1859 appointed Mayor of (Militia ?) by Gov. Steele.

DAVISON, William, was in 1859 Territorial Representative elect. (RMN)

DAVISSON, Mr. C., his boat on Platte has been wrecked with specimens, books, notes, etc. (He had started for the mouth of the Platte.) (RMN, May 14, 1859)

DAWES, Robert, of Arapahoe County, grantee from Hammons & Luisby (?) farm claim on Platte. Consideration $275 on Nov 29, 1859.

DAWSON, Andrew, Aug 23, 1859 is entitled to lots in Denver City, numbers 11-12-13, block 18. (Arapahoe County Land Records)

DAWSON, James (or James A.), was one of the petitioners to the Grand Lodge A.F. & A. M. of Kansas Territory for Lodge in Golden. (1859) He had lots in Golden transferred to him in Feb 1860. Was member in this year of Golden Lodge. He is mentioned humorously in Western Mountaineer (George West’s paper) p. 4, Dec 7, 1859.

DAY & CRANE, mining, in Russell’s, summer 1859. (List in RMN)

DAY, G., arrived by Smoky Hill Route, May 22, 1859 by Lone Star Company’s wagons. From St. Louis.

DAY, W. P., name in list of delinquents for newspaper sent S. E. Day at Kingsville, Missouri. (List published in Mountain City) 1859.

DAYTON, B. M., member elect of first Constitutional Convention, name appearing in list of the July meeting, a delegate from Illinois Precinct. (Probably Illinois Diggings) 1859.

DEAD MAN’S GULCH, was on side of Divide toward the San Juan.

DEADWOOD DIGGINGS (placers) were in DEADWOOD GULCH, near Red Rock, in vicinity of Gold Run and Boulder. The placers were in the fallen timber, where in Jan 1859 gold was discovered. Deadwood Diggings was large enough to send six delegates to the July meeting of the first Constitutional Convention. This was a camp half the size of Auraria, apparently.

DEAN, ---, (of Dean & Casto) mining firm in Clear Creek & Boulder mines 1859. Mr. Dean is mentioned RMN as miner in Gregory Diggings.

DEAN, C., miner 1858. Gregory Gulch.

DEAN, R. C., is grantor, Sep 28, 1859 of mining property near Mountain City in the Barnes and Day Lodes. (Gregory Record, p. 33) On p. 15 he is grantor Sep 29 of claims in the Gratiot Lode, in same record in Mountain City, in Gregory Record Book. Sep 30 he records claims in Hyatt Lode, is of C. J. McDuffee & Company (Mountain City & Gregory Diggings)

DEBATING SOCIETY, of Tarryall, mentioned in Western Mountaineer of 1859.

DECKER, S. H., of Boulder City 1859, mentioned in history.

DEE. J. W., arrived mouth Cherry Creek 1859. (See under H. C. Reasoner.)

DEEFENDORF, (see Diefendorf) M., was witness, Denver City, Nov 5, 1859 in transfer of Denver lots. (Land Records)

DE FREES (or Defrees), Archibald, late of South Bend, Indiana, miner, in Gregory Diggings. Mentioned in file of 1859 RMN.

DE FREES, Wilkes, accompanied J. H. Gregory (J. L.) to the gold region in Gregory Gulch, and washed gold with him in May 1859. Hall in his History gave description of the ice and snow and dangers of this trip, which meant so much to the country. (Hall’s Colorado History, Vol. 1, p. 193) De Frees arrived at mouth Cherry Creek with a brother, another De Frees (see above) with the David Wall party, spring 1859. He was from South Bend, Indiana. He later helped draw up the mining laws for the Gregory District, and in Central City, July of this year was presiding over mass meeting of 3000 miners. (Chairman)

He was later selected as President of the miners’ association at Gregory Diggings.

DEGOE, William P., of Arapahoe County, town of Arapahoe, grantor to Henry O. Kane, of same County and Territory, 160 acres land, situated on Dry Creek about two miles from the jutt of the mountain, being the eastern one half of a section of Land Recorded in Denver City in the County and Territory aforesaid in the name of William P. Degoe, etc., etc (Records, Golden) dated Oct 3, 1859. Consideration $100. Witness, E. R. Harris. (See.)

DE HARPORT, Theodore, member Colorado Society Pioneers, living Denver 1920. Is arrival of 1859.

DE HUFF, Peter M., grantee of Denver City lot 25, block 140, October 28, 1859.

DE LA MAR, Frank, was member of the first Constitutional Convention, a delegate from Clear Creek precinct. He had one vote for Governor later (the nomination), and was a shareholder in Golden City Association, in 1859, when the move to organize it started, also member of the Minnehaha Town and Marble Company, incorporated in Jefferson County this year (November). He is mentioned as reporting an Indian murder which the RMN mentions, and it is said that he is taking a hand in politics considerably. He seems to be a resident of Rocky Mountain City, a different place from Mountain City and in the Western Mountaineer of Golden his wife Mrs. Fanny De La Mar is spoken of (?) or if not, in list of transferred shareholders in Golden City Association in back of old shareholders’ book (see this). He also buys lots in Auraria, 5 – 6 in block 75, Dec 26, 1859.

DELANEY, Samuel, was a delegate from Nevada Gulch election Oct 1859 in the agitation for a Provisional Government, and was included in those entitled to a seat in this Convention.

DELEY, Charles, from St. Louis, arrived Denver May 29, 1859, having left Leavenworth with party Apr 14, by Smoky Hill Route. (RMN)

DELSOY (Delroy ?), M. L., member Gilpin County Pioneers’ Association, arrived goldfields Jun 18, 1859. (Died.) (List, Golden City Pioneers’ Association)

DEMENT, A. B., arrived goldfields 1859. (See under M. L. Mathes, Mt. Pulaski, Illinois.)

DEMPSEY, Jesse, Jr., baker, residence McGaa Street, Denver City, 1859. (Mss. Business Directory, 1859, Denver)

DENNISON & COMPANY, wagon train arrived with eight men, May 17, 1859 from Tamoque, Schuylkill County, Pennylvania.

DENVER, AURARIA, AND COLORADO WAGON ROAD, incorporated Dec 1859, to build toll road from Denver City, by way of South Park through Tarryall to Saratoga West on the Blue Fork. Said claim was taken up on Oct 20, 1859, to include Middle Park, said road to enter the mountains at a point some five miles south of Golden City and one mile south of the town of Baden, and pass by way of Bergen’s Ranche and on a most direct route to the South and Middle Parks and Colorado.

J. Casto signs as President Oct 27, 1859. (This road was to connect at Vernon and Bergen’s Ranche by a branch road.)

DENVER CITY, organized under the caption of “Denver City Town Company” in Nov 1858 by buying off the claims of the St. Charles Town Company, its predecessor on east bank of Cherry Creek. For many years it was a bitter rival of Auraria on the west side of the stream, but eventually conquered her, and swallowed her up. Auraria had named her streets for the Presidents, Denver streets were named for the members of the Town Company and several of them for their squaws, such as Wazee, etc. The Company donated lots, as did Auraria, with agreement of the settler to build hewed log house. Lists of these donations may be seen in Smiley’s History of Colorado, also in file of the RMN, pg. 3, Oct 13, 1859. (41 names of members were in the first roll.) Many of the early arrivals became shareholders eventually, but in 1881 only A. J. Williams, R. E. Whitsitt and F. M. Cobb seem to remain, according to the best information.

Denver City, Montana County, Kansas was her designation in Apr 1859. Later she became Denver City, Jefferson Territory, etc. In June of 1859 she had nine delegates to the first Constitutional Convention. (See under this for comparative size of cities.) E. P. Stout was first President of the Town Company.

DENVER CITY, MOUNTAIN CITY Wagon Road Company, files certificate Oct 5, 1859. The route “to go through Harry’s Pass, about 4 miles north of Golden City.”

DEOW (Dean ?), Peter, grantee from William McGaa, Feb 26, 1859, 10 lots in Denver City.

DERMITT, William, arrived goldfields by Plattsmouth-Nebraska Company’s train of wagons, Oct 24, 1858.

DEVLIN, James, (Denver 1890) arrived Apr 1859. Born Ireland 1836. Another pioneer list gives name of Joseph Devlin. (Hall) May be same or another. Living Denver 1920. (No dates.)

DEVOR, James R., of Elkhart, Indiana, miner in Gregory Diggings. Also miner on Cache-la-Poudre River 1859. J. R. Devor (probably same ?) was of firm of Douglas and Devor, carpenters and cabinet makers, Denver, this year. Living in Auraria, shop corner B. and 4th Streets. He appears also in Land Records, is witness to deed in June, same year.

DEWITT & COMPANY, mining, Russell’s Gulch, summer 1859. Five men.

DEYE, William P., had ranching claim on Dry Creek, lying between Golden Gate and Arapahoe Town. He is grantor of this, Oct 11, 1859 to S. G. Good (Liber A, p. 38, Golden)

DICKENS, W., arrived Boulder Valley Oct 17, 1858DICKERSON, Amos, Jan 2, 1860, is witness to deed between Henry C. Powers and Charles Pickell (?), all of Arapahoe County, Kansas. (Liber I, Deeds, Golden)

DICKERSON, E. (Eli), of Mountain City, in Jul 1859 one of party of heroes to enter the distant mountains in search of the bodies of Kennedy and Schank, murdered by Indians. They found and buried the bodies. (See under Kennedy.) Later, in October, same year, a Land Record appears in Arapahoe County in which Eli Dickerson is grantor of Auraria City lot to Mary Kennedy.

DICKERSON, T. C., was a member of first Constitutional Convention from Dickerson Precinct. He had been Secretary of the ill fated St. Charles Townsite Company in 1858 at mouth of Cherry Creek. (See this.) He arrived Jun 20, 1858. Born Ohio Jan 2, 1828, Cheyenne 1907. He crossed the plains with Russell’s party. (Dickson)

DICKSON, F. C., selected lots, Denver City, Oct 1, 1859.

DICKSON, J., of Wisconsin, arrived Denver City May 22, 1859, with Lone Star Company’s wagons, by Smoky Hill Route. (RMN 1859)

DICKSON, J. & L. H. Dickson, three men, mining in Nevada Gulch 1859.

DICKSON, L. H., arrived May 22, 1859. (Item in RMN)

DICKSON (or DICKERSON) PRECINCT (political), had four representatives in the first Constitutional Convention Jun 1859.

DIEFENDORF, Norman, certifies to farm and ranche claim, 160 acres northwest, ¼ of Section 22, township 3, south of R. 5 east of 7th meridian. (Land is on east side Platte River.) Was located Dec 31, 1859. (This may be an 1861 description of an old 1859 claim.)

DIEFERDORF, Fox, one of the founders of Golden City 1859. He and Walter Pollard tied Vanover’s hands for the execution, September this year. He was a member of Golden City Lodge (Masonic) 1860. He is said to have died in Leavenworth, Kansas Sep 11, 1865, though the date conflicts with another which appears. (?)

DILLINGER, Albert N., grantee, mining claim, Gregory Diggings (Mountain City) Sep 26, 1859. (Gregory Record)

DILLON (DILLIN ?), Luther, “is entitled to share in Auraria Town Company Dec 24, 1858.”

DINIUS, A., from Perryville, Ohio, arrived May 12, 1859 by Platte Route 49 days from St. Joseph, Missouri (with four other men). ( RMN, file, May 1859)

DINIUS, B. F., and DINIUS, H., arrived same time, from same place.

DINKINGER, Joseph, grantee, from Auraria Town Company, consideration $1 lot No. 8, block 241, Auraria Nov 26, 1859. (Liber C, p. 122, old)

DITCH COMPANY, (for turning Cherry Creek and bringing water to the Dry Diggings, west of town.) Formed Apr 23, 1859. Thomas Pollock, President, and A. Sagendorf, Secretary. (RMN)

DIXON, Lewis S., formerly of Dane County, Wisconsin. Born 1834, Franklin County, Ohio. Arrived Boulder County 1859. Mining in Gold Hill, California Gulch, and in farming in Boulder, County later. Was in Battle of Sand Creek and in Indian wars of 1864. (History Boulder Valley)

DODD, Thomas H., miner, in Tarryall Diggings, (mentioned in RMN.) Later, in 1859 the paper announces that “he leaves for Omaha, Nebraska.”

DODGE, A. W., is grantee, Nov 4, 1859 from Auraria Town Company of four lots in Auraria. Consideration $1. (Arapahoe County Land Records, old) He was member of Auraria Lodge A. F. & A. M. in list of 1861.

DODSON, Amelia, pupil in early school 1859, Auraria.


DOLL, Capt. Sylvanus, & Lady, arrived with their party from Ohio May 24, 1859. (RMN)

DOLLMAN (DOLMAN ?), Mr., in his house in Auraria in Aug 1859, religious services were conducted by Mr. W. H. Good. (Elder Good was sent from the Kansas M. E. Conference to work in the gold diggings in Jun 1859.) See under his name.

RICHARD DENVER DOLMAN, born Denver, Oct 25, 1859, on Lawrence Street between 14th and 15th in first framed house in that locality. Named for Richard Whitsitt and city of his birth. Had gift of two select lots, at birth, from Denver Town Company. Resides 1901 Topeka.

DOLLMAN (spelled DOLMAN), Samuel, hotel keeper in Lawrence Street, Denver City, 1859. (Mss. Business Directory Denver). Aug 3 he buys lots, and his son Richard Denver Dolman was born Oct 25 same year. (See note above.)

DONAHOE & COMPANY, mining, summer 1859, Illinois Gulch & Missouri Flats.

DONALDSON & BLUNDELL, mining, in Illinois Gulch & Missouri Flats. 1859

DONALDSON, J., arrived from DeSoto, Nebraska. (See under D. D. Stout)

DONELLAN, J. W., born Ireland, Jun 8, 1841. Arrived Denver Jul 1, 1859. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Society. Lived Wyoming 1890, and later in Salt Lake, 1907. J. W. Donallen & Company (Martin Marsh, Joseph Bowman, and George Sowers (Lowers?) grantors, Oct 1, 1859 on McGinnis Lode, Gregory Diggings, recorded in Mountain City. (Gregory Record) In the RMN (date lacking) it announces that Col.. J. W. Donellan married a daughter of Col. McNassar.

DONELSON, Thomas, came with George C. Griffin, (RMN, Jun 10, 1924) Bancroft Vol. 25, p. 394, says: “He was born Ohio Jan 20, 1824. Reared as farmer, removed westward, finally settling on the Platte, 17 miles below Denver, having arrived 1859.”

DONOVAN, J. B., arrived 1858. In Denver 1920. Member Colorado Pioneers’ Association.

DOOLITTLE, T., arrived May 1859 by Platte Route. “Passed 1500 wagons going back.” (RMN)

DORRIS, Frank, arrived 1858 in Denver with party including George C. Schlier.

DORSETT, Folsom, arrived Oct 3, 1858 with “Leavenworth Party,” Jewett, Larimer, Lawrence and Whitsitt, one large wagon, four yoke oxen, a saddle pony for each person. In this year he was a stockholder in Denver City Town Company, and owned a number of lots.

DORSEY, Clinton, Oct 27, 1859 locates land claim to ¼ section for ranche and trading post on Bear Creek where the Denver, Auraria & Colorado Wagon Road crosses the above stream. Filed for record Nov 2 (Jefferson County Records office). In Nov 26, he files claim for a ¼ section for “running a water mill” on same place near other claim. He was an incorporator of this Wagon Road Company. Also on Jan 11, 1860 is Secretary of Mt. Vernon Wagon Road Company.

DOTSON, Oliver, witness to land deed, Auraria, Dec 3, 1859.

DOTY, E., his “Lightning Express Train” of 10 wagons arrived at mouth of Cherry Creek May 22, 1859, and in first wagon with Doty came Mr. Forbis and S. Jessup of Indiana, J. Gasside (Kansas), H. Hickins, (K. T.) H. Lavattee. (RMN)

DOUGHERTY, Michael John, a comedian is announced in paper, in 1859, to appear soon at Theatres. Later, Oct 24, 1861, the Colorado Republican announces that he is married. He is an Irish vocalist.

DOUGHERTY, Thomas (T. E.), first schoolteacher in Golden City arrived 1859. Has before Jan 4, 1860 been appointed master of the newly organized school at a house corner 3rd and Washington Streets. He surveys Eli Carter’s claim Jan 5, 1860 also. (Land Records)

DOUGLAS COUNTY, was named for Lincoln’s adversary Stephen A. Douglas, but this district was little settled or organized in 1859, but many Georgians and other Southerners were in the country. The RMN speaks a good deal of “Judge Douglas.” Douglas Mountain was good mining camp.

DOUGLAS, firm of Jackson, Douglas & Company, mining in Pleasant Valley summer of 1859.

DOUGLAS, Lewis W., his Company from Council Bluffs, Iowa arrived 19 days from home, spring of 1859. (RMN)

DOUGLAS MOUNTAIN (or Douglas), had two delegates to the June meeting of the first Constitutional Convention 1859.

DOUGLAS, Z. M., of firm of Z. M. Douglas & Devor, building in Real Estate Denver City & Auraria, corner B. and 4th Auraria City. (Directory 1859) This firm also did cabinet making.

DOW, firm of Flynn & Dow, mining in Illinois Gulch & Missouri Flats 1859. L. Dow was correspondent of RMN in mining camps early 1860.

DOWNEYVILLE, camp, had one delegate to first Constitutional Convention in Jun 1859.

DOWNING, Jacob, arrived Auraria City Apr 1, 1859. Took residence there, afterward was residing Mountain City. Born Albany, New York, Apr 12, 1830. He studied law in Chicago, was admitted to practice in 1861 in Denver in July. But 1859, early, he was Judge of the “Law and Order League” and held a regular court. He helped prosecute the noted desperado Carroll Wood, and sentenced Parke McClure for an assault on Prof. Goldrick. He joined the 1st Colorado Cavalry, and was in the famous battle of Apache Canon. Was also in the Battle of Sand Creek. He defended Chivington, who was tried for the Sand Creek massacre. 1867 was Probate Judge, Arapahoe County. Has been cattle grower on plains, and had fine ranche of 2000 acres. His lady was formerly Miss Caroline E. Rosecrans, of Troy, New York. Both are now dead. Judge Downing’s portrait appears in RMN, p. 6, Dec 5, 1899.

DOWNS, Munson, witness Dec 28, 1859 in Denver to deed transfer.

DOWSON (Dawson ?), Will P., witness, Nov 1859, Denver.

DOYLE, J. B., merchant, Denver and Auraria, member of firm of Ming, Doyle & Company, was from New Mexico, an extensive trader who came in Aug 1859 to mouth of Cherry Creek with large train of wagons. The RMN, Apr 25, 1860, speaking of him says “The ruins of his Trading Post abandoned on the Huerfano are still to be seen.” (The RMN was often in a reminiscent mood in 1860, seeming to feel the fleeting nature of the panorama passing around it.) The headquarters in Auraria were at Ferry Street near Fourth. All sorts of miners’ supplies, food, wagons, tools were here. Trains often crossed the Creek to bring up near the place in Auraria. The firm also carried on mining at Tarryall during the year.

DOYLE’S RANCHE, advertized in RMN, 1859, horses kept, etc. Henry Martinez, proprietor.

DRAKE, George W., arrived May 11, 1859, Denver City. Born Ohio Nov 8, 1838. Lived on farm in Trumbull County, that state. In 1854 went to Charleston, Illinois, where he was apprentice at Mason’s trade, came to Pike’s Peak with party of 30 men from Ohio, but were joined by 70 men and more wagons in Kansas. They came by Smoky Hill Route, several days without water, and 45 days altogether, enroute. He lived in Greeley a while. He seems, according to account in RMN, to have first crossed plains in 1858. He lived in Blackhawk, later in Cheyenne. Was a partner of W. E. Greenlee in marble cutting business. Died Jan 10, 1903. Wife and son survive. Obituary in RMN with portrait, p. 1, Jan 12, same year.

DRY CREEK DIGGINGS, situated 1859 on Dry Creek, 12 miles above its junction with South Platte (18 miles south of Auraria) and 2 miles from base of mountains.

DRYDEN, John, of Marshall County, Iowa, died Nevada City Oct 4, 1861, age 28 years. (This could be an arrival of ’59 as name of Dryden occurs in files of that year, connected with mining camps near Gregory ?)

DUANE, Charles J., witness in transfer of deed in Auraria Dec 13, 1859, between Fendler and another.

DU BRAY, Antoine, witness of deed between James Knight and M. C. Foster, Denver City, May 11, 1859. Again Nov 4, he conveys lots and in December is grantee, the land being ranche on Platte northeast of Denver. In this transaction, he describes himself as “of Arapahoe County.”

DUBRAY, Chat, (this may be a nickname?) was an interpreter appointed to act as such at the presentation of gifts to the Chief of the Arapahoes, who is to speak in Auraria and Denver when these cities will be his hosts, etc. (RMN, May 14, 1859)

Chat Dubra, or DuBray, owned (Land Records) ½ of a house and 3 lots on northwest corner Blake and E. Streets, Denver, Jul 27, same year. Chat seems to have been a famous character, before 1859.

DUDLEY, Judson H., arrived 1858. Was born Cayuga County, New York Apr 8, 1834. In 1857 emigrated Nebraska, came from Florence in that state to goldfields and was resident of Denver at time of his death, Feb 3, 1900. (His portrait on p. 208, Smiley’s History Colorado (Denver ?)) He mined a good deal, but lived at first in Auraria, sharing a cabin with Andrew Sagendorff in 1858. Though in 1859 must have lived in Highland as he is a member of the first Constitutional Convention from that quarter. He was Vice President and member of Auraria Town Company a long time. Also a member of Denver Town Company. He was Major in Quartermaster’s Department in the War, and owned the celebrated Moose Mine in Park County. He was President of the Chess Club in Auraria which shows him to have been of a social disposition. (1859)

DUEGAN, ---, firm of Andrews, Duegan & Company, mining, summer of 1859 in Illinois Gulch.

DUFORT, Eli, (of Arapahoe County) on Jan 1, 1860 conveys nine Denver lots to Mr. Thomas Stinson. Again on Jan 20 is grantee of other lots.

DUGALL, George, mentioned in transaction Denver lots 1859.

DUKE, L. B., Nov 10, 1859 grantee of Denver lots bought of William McCubbin. Again, Dec 13, he is witness in sale of Auraria lots. (Liber C, p. 193, old)

DUMONT, ---, (of firm of Carrithers, Dumont & Company, probably same as above)

DUMONT, J. M., and Company, mining, summer of 1859, Nevada District.

DUMONT, Robert R., was pioneer of 1858 for he had four Donation Lots from Denver City Town Company Dec 4, in this year.

DUNBAR, Thomas M., was a witness to deed, Auraria, Nov 1859.

DUNCAN, ---, firm of Rocker, Duncan & Company are mining in Pleasant Valley 1859.

DUNCAN, T. O., was Clerk of Probate Court, Jul 9, 1859. (Auraria) He was elected to the Territorial Council December same year. In same year is mentioned this name as one of Cibola Minstrels at Apollo Theatre, Denver. (?)

DUNCAN, W., witness, Mar 1, 1859, Auraria City, to deed between Hampton L. Boone and David D. Cook of same. (“Four lots yet to be drawn.”)

DUNMONT, Robert R., party to land transaction Denver, Jun 7, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, Liber A, p. 127, old)

DUNN, Mr. ---, his emigrant train has arrived in Denver City (p. 10, spring of 1859 RMN)

DUNN, L., (Mountain City) claim mentioned in Nevada Gulch dated Sep 29, 1859. Gregory Diggings. (Gregory Record)

DUNN, William, was a witness of land transaction Auraria Apr 1, 1859. In the Mss. Directory of this year, he is described as having store Front Street, Auraria. Later, in 1861, he is vegetable dealer and in records of Auraria Lodge A.F. & A. M. he is in this year an Entered Apprentice.

DUNNAGAN (DUNAGAN), P. H., arrived spring of 1859. Born Tennessee, Feb 1834. Lived in Auraria, afterward in West Denver, although he was in Gilpin County some time, and about 1883 was a member of the Pioneers’ Association.

DUNOT, William, was a witness in Auraria in November also on Oct 3, 1859. (Land transaction)

DUNSHEE, N. F., is grantee to undivided ½ of Share No. 17 in Town Company of Denver City, Dec 16, 1859. (Arapahoe County Land Records, 1859)

DUNSTON, Thomas, partner of B. F. Chase in mining in Russell Gulch and working tunnell for Chase on shares, Dec 1859.

DUPUY (Dupoy-Dupey), M. L., was member Gilpin County Pioneers’ Association noted as having arrived Jun 18, 1859. (Name not in list of living members, but in clipping in back of record book of Society.) Mr. --- Dupuy was appointed by Gov. Steele, Dec 28, 1859, Judge for Mountain County, “to hold until his successor is elected” an arrangement under the Provisional Government.

DURGRAN (Durgram ?), Ten Denver City lots, “to be taken in the drawing” are transferred to him by William McGaa, Feb 29, 1859. (Arapahoe County)

DUTCH GAP, a precinct, contributed delegates to Convention in Auraria in 1859. DUTCH GULCH was a camp near Russell’s, and DUTCH RANCHE, a precinct spoken of in election for the Provisional Government

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