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Fallen Heroes of World War I from Denver, Colorado

By James K. Jeffrey

The war we all now know as World War I has been called many things. Historically it was called the European War, 1914-1918. Literature recalls it as the Great War or The War To End All Wars. The World Book Encyclopedia details the United States' reluctance to be involved in this European conflict. We entered the war with a small army of about 150,000 men and by war's end our forces numbered 5 million men and women. Of these men, 2,750,000 had been drafted. There were 116,516 American dead and 234,428 wounded.

We all have stories of men and women from our families and communities who served in World War I. I grew up in a community that recalled those men and women who served in the military during this war. Our town had an annual Armistice Day parade that snaked through town and ended under an arch in the park. This architectural splendor was based upon L'Arc de Triomphe in Paris and served as a memorial to our local war dead.

Colorado recalled her dead through the pages of the local newspapers. The following list of names is taken from the article, “Hail, Heroes! Hail!” which appeared in the Denver Post, November 11, 1920. Recorded are the names of the men and women from Denver who lost their lives in service to their country during the European War, 1914-1918. Colorado sent 42,898 soldiers, sailors and marines, as well as many female nurses. Of these men and women 1,091 were killed or died of wounds during the war. Of these, 101 were from Denver.

The value of this list is that it reveals the names of some soldiers who are not enumerated among those who served from Colorado in the book, Roster of Men and Women Who Served in the World War from Colorado, 1917-1918.


Albi, Vincenzo
Allen, Daniel J.
Alstatt, Carl
Alvey, Henry F.
Arndt, Frank J.
Austin, Clyde
Avery, Roy
Axton, Andrew K.

Barrett, Hugh Edward
Bassett, Rexford C.
Bassett, Rice
Baysinger, William A.
Becker, James I.
Bell, Irus A.
Bigger, John F.
Bishop, Clarence M.
Bolschom, Herman
Bonatti, Tony
Boone, Sterling Price
Booth, Clyde M.
Borello, John
Boughton, Leroy H.
Brier, Cyril Bernard
Brier, Louis
Brown, Herbert E.
Bushnell, Theodore K.
Bennington, Ralph A.

Calabrise, Paul
Carlin, James
Carlson, P.W.
Carney, John Francis
Carter, Leonard C.
Chase, Bruce G.
Chiles, Marcellus H.
Clements, Martin J.
Coates, Dana E.
Collier, Charles Ashby
Cooke, Stanley S.
Cooley, Stanley
Cochran, Julius Card
Corwin, Joseph
Courvoisier, George
Cramer, Clarence C.
Cranmer, Hamilton H.
Cross, Charles B.
Cranor, Clarence N.
Cummings, John J.

Davis, David H.
Davis, Ralph L.
Dawson, Charles Elliott
Denba, Robert E.
Del Alamo, Joseph W.
Dietsch, Louis F.
Dillon, Malcom W.
Dines, Donald C.
Duffield, George C.
Dunn, James A.
Durnell, Edgar

Eagan, Arthur
Earn, John W.
Edwards, Rex
Ehr, Peter
Ekanstam, John T.
Ellis, William Y.
Erlenborn, Julius R.

Feeley, William James
Fine, Joseph
Fishel, Morris
Flinn, J.W.
Flynn, Harry
Fox, Peter
Feeburg, Harry
Frey, Hary
Frey, Herbert R.

Garrett, Mancie J.
Gavelick, Harry
Georgia, Charles S.
Gilligan, Harry
Glenn, Edmund C.
Goulding, George L.
Graham, Roscoe W.
Gray, John M.
Green, H. J.
Greenewald, Erwin P.
Guiteras, Julian G.

Hall, Frank
Hammell, O. H.
Hall, Oliver W.
Hallinan, William
Harding, Ben A.
Harris, Henry Irwin
Hart, Mark R.
Harvey, Richard
Hasenauer, Edgar J.
Hawkins, James Chester
Haynes, John M.
Hammondtree, V. I.
Hearne, Jerome L.
Hellis, Cliffe H.
Henderson, Fred
Herbrand, Michael
Hewitt, John M.
Hicks, Russell B.
Hicks, Sidney C.
Hiles, Henry G.
Hildebrand, C. M.
Hodge, Samuel W.
Holaday, Howard
Holdsworth, Henry C.
Houtz, Ira
Howe, Roy M.
Hughes, Richard C.
Hurlburt, Paul C.
Huff, G. L.

Ingram, Thomas Edward
Irwin, Emory S.

Jenks, Dean N.
Jewell, James A.
Jensen, Jens H.
Jordan, Harold M.
Jones, Cecil M.

Karchner, Nathan
Keck, Merrill R.
Keenan, Patrick S.
Kelley, Charles C.
Kerns, Albert F.
Kidder, Frank E.
Killmede, Daniel J.
Kirby, Walter W.
Kistler, Robert J.
Klein, Alexander
Kruse, John J.

Lamb, Raymond W.
Land, Robert
Lavlutte, F. J.
Leach, W. A.
Lewis, Howard M.
Leyden, Leo T.
Liles, George L.
Linder, Guy
Lovely, Lyman S.
Luby, Harry
Lowry, Francis B.
Lubardo, John
Lubers, Harry L., Jr.
Lyons, Earl Henry
Lyon, Horace K.

Madison, Marcus
Maloney, Eldon
Mandeville, Jack L.
Marks, Vayne D.
M'Conaghy, Phillip
M'Coy, Allison J.
M'Elwain, Harley H.
M'Ginley, Harry
M'Ilwee, James J.
M'Laughlin, Edwin Park
M'millan, Nelson L.
M'Phee, Raymond J.
M'Quade, Patrick J.
M'Tavish, Ralph G.
M'Veigh, Peter H.
Merrill, Roy C.
Meyer, William E. J.
Meyer, William J. E.
Michie, David Gordon
Millard, Frank B.
Mitchell, E. A.
Mooney, Paul M.
Morrill, Roy G.
Mundell, Paul J.
Murray, Charles B.
Murray, James Farquhar
Murray, John M.

Nalher, George E.
Neiderkorn, Mathew J.
Nelson, S. W.
Nicholson, Richard I.
Nicoletti, James
North, Philip Cyril

Oborn, Harry W.
Okerstrom, Claus
Olsen, Harry T.
Orrell, Homer B.

Palladino, John
Palmer, Leroy G.
Palmer, Melvin C.
Pelleter, Joseph
Perry, Fred Lewis
Peyton, Lawrence R.
Pippert, Herman W.
Potter, Clarence L.
Preston, Percy Robert
Procter, Fred B.
Prosser, Albert N.
Pendleton, Harry B.
Pierce, Van
Polson, Clyde

Queen, Claude

Raithel, Hattie M.
Rasmussen, Clarence E.
Rathbun, Erick L
Ray, Clarence
Redd, Ernest
Reed, Clifford L.
Reickoff, August
Reilley, James E.
Rickard, Forbes Jr.
Roberts, Preston
Robertson, James R.
Rohme, David A.
Rooney, James A.
Ross, Charles A.

St. James, Arthur Garfield
Schumate, Gerald
Schwartz, Bernard R.
Setchel, Harvey
Sharp, Neil J.
Shea, George T.
Shephard, Frank M.
Shisley, Lester Alexander
Simpkins, James Clark
Smith, Alba
Smith, Herbert Henzler
Smith, Eben L.
Smith, Fred Sherry
Smothers, Clarence E.
Snedeker, F. R.
Snider, Jesse F.
Spidell, George F.
Sprunt, Russell Keene
Staton, Jesse
Stingley, Charles L.
Straus, Edwin J.
Strauss, Wilfred Melvyn
Sturgeon, Titus E.
Sullivan, James G.
Sweeney, Dennis

Tefft, Allen C.
Ten Eyck, Walter I.
Thompson, Fred A.
Thrapp, Frank O.
Tifft, Perry W.
Tobin, Daniel Paul
Trebilcock, Frederick C.
Trimbur, Erwin F.
Trout, Orville C.

Ward, Arthur A.
Warren, Thomas E.
Weller, Theodore L.
Whitesell, Earl B.
Wickersham, J. Hunter
Wickham, Walter
Wickline, Elmer E.
Williams, George M.
Williams, Paul R.
Wiley, John A.
Williams, William H.
Wickland, Bernard B.
Wheeler, Otto
Wollas, H. D.
Wright, Ernest A.
Wurtz, Edward F.
Wysowatchy, John
Zaiss, Adolph O.
Zimmerli, Emil


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