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Colorado 1861 Territorial Election Preface

A special thanks to Terry Ketelsen, Colorado State Archivist, and his staff for their assistance with this project. The compilation of these records onto a computer database was performed by members of the Colorado Genealogical Society-Computer Interest Group.

The Territory of Colorado was organized by Congress on February 26, 1861 and embraced the identical area as the present state. William Gilpin, the first territorial governor, arrived in Denver in May 1861. A census taken at this time showed a population of 25,329, of whom 4,484 were females. The election for a delegate to the 37th Congress of the United States was held on the 19th of August 1861 with Hiram Pitt Bennet and Beverly D. Williams as candidates. Hiram P. Bennet was the winner and served two terms in congress. Election of Council and District Representatives was also held at this time.

Colorado Genealogical Society-Computer Interest Group (CGS-CIG)

This extraction and sorting was done by the CGS-CIG. CGS-CIG is a home for genealogists to learn to use computers in their genealogical searching. It is through the effort of our members and their computers that this extraction is possible.

I would like to acknowledge the people and their effort in indexing the 1861 Colorado Territorial Election Books. The number of projects follow their name and they are: Arliss Monk 6, Betty Youngblood 2, Bill Stephens, Birdie Holsclaw 6, Bob Myers 5, Bob Willhour, David Craw 16, Doris Stuck 3, Erv Chel, Ervin Obermyer, Frank Pickard 10, Frank Seney 4, Genevia Seitz 4, Green, Harold & Ruth Christian, Helen Fisher, Jim Willard 7, Karen Butscher, Karen Mitchell 6, Kathy Hinkley 8, Keith Reeder 2, Margaret Stephens 18, Mary Cochrel 3, Mary Lou King 27, Mason Howell 4, Maxine Rutherford 3, Pat Allen/Marilyn Close 20, Paul Peak, Rex Bearfoot 6, Rosalie Stephens 3, Shirley Oldemeyer 3, Shyrll Behn 10, Thelma Drey, Vernon Tomkins 59, and Will & Amy Sinton 3.

First photocopies for us to work from were gathered from the microfilm at the Colorado State Archives. Each section (our alphabetical code) was given for someone to enter on the computer. Then each section was checked against the photocopy two more times. The master list was merged with all corrections made. Then this master index was taken to the Colorado State Archives and compared with the originals. The mistakes caught were then edited and corrected. This document was taken to Russ Holsclaw who put our alpha codes on the same line with each voter followed by the line the voter was entered. After this, the index was sorted and this is our final results.

Edited by John Chandler Clement, August 6, 1996

Copyright (c)1996 by Colorado Genealogical Society-Computer Interest Group. You may use this information for your individual use, but it may not be used in any form for profit without written consent of the officers of CGS/Computer Interest Group.

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