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Colorado 1861 Territorial Election

The accompanying files, edited by John Chandler Clement, make up
the electronic edition of the list of Colorado voters in the 1861
territorial election originally published by the Colorado
Genealogical Society-Computer Interest Group.

The original hard copy of this publication can be found in the
Western History/Genealogy department of the Denver Public Library.

File list:



1. The proclamation file may be found valuable since it shows the
geographical boundaries of each voting district.

2. The data file lists Voters in the order that they show in the
poll books, by location. Each voter shows a code such as :DDD-10.

3. The :DDD represents the code for the poll location and the 10
means that person is the tenth to be listed at that poll

4. Voters are listed in this sequence since it may be of
historical or genealogical value to determine who is listed
before and after each voter.

5. A list of all poll location codes is in the introduction.

6. To search for locations, determine the location code in the
introduction and then search for the code (e.g, :MM).

7. To search for a name, it is probably best to search for the
surname only, taking into account that there may be various ways
to spell the same surname.

by John Chandler Clement, August 6, 1996

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The Colorado 1861 Territorial Election files include:

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