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Anatomy of a Forgery: Salem, Massachusetts Death Warrant, 1692
Detail of Salem, Massachusetts 1692 death warrant for Martha Currier (C MSS -M1429), circa 1932
Guilty of Witchcraft or Fraud?
Toast of the Town: The Denver Bread Company (1916-1945)
Toast and Its Various Uses: There's a Difference in Bread, 1924
A Return to the Days Before Sliced Bread  
Found in the Archives: Ina Zager Bookmark Collection
United States Bicentennial bookmark, 1976
Bookmarks Hold a Place in Our History.
Denver's Needlework Guild
From left to right: Nancy Joyce Woodward and Dorothy Bell Joyce, 1937
Charity Outfitted Needy in New Garments for Nearly 120 Years
Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn
Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1941
Learn more about a Denver restaurant where diners were greeted by a chatty, feathered hostess.
Found In the Archives: Baur’s Candy Recipes
Candymaking at Baur's, ca. 1942
Classic Recipes From What Was Once A Denver Institution
A Fashionable Life: Gretchen Weber Johnson
Fashion illustrations by Gretchen Weber, n.d. C72-15
You may have heard of Vogue's Anna Wintour, but do you know the Denver Post fashion editor, writer, and illustrator who dictated Denver fashion for nearly 40 years?
The Western History & Genealogy Department: Everything You Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Gates Reading Room, Western History and Genealogy Department.
Have you ever wondered what's on the fifth floor of DPL's Central Library? Take a short video tour!
Denver's Dinner with Charles Lindbergh, 1927
Front cover of Lindbergh dinner menu, 1927
What does one serve when Lucky Lindy drops in for a bite?
Howard Zahniser: Conservation Pioneer
Zahniser (right) with U.S. map of wilderness areas prepared in Wilderness Bill legislative effort.
The Howard Zahniser Papers (CONS 238) are now available for research in DPL’s Western History and Genealogy Department.