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Paris, 1924: Mira C. Bostwick Travel Diaries
Dorothea "Bit" Bostwick, passport photograph. From the Immigration & Travel Collection, Ancestry Library Edition.
A Year Abroad During the Roaring Twenties
NEW! Exhibit: Back to School in the Archives
Elementary students sit around a table while a boy and girl write on chalkboard.
Go back in time to an era when typing class was mandatory and kindergartners were taught hand saw safety!  
Denver's Bygone Markets
John A. Boyd displaying produce at Denargo City Market, 1939. History Colorado Image Archive
What Happened To Denver's Wazee and Denargo Markets?
Denver Dining of Yore: Pell's Oyster House
Pell's Oyster House by Rocky Mountain Photo Company, between 1900 and 1910. Call Number: X-29479
Why Was Denver Oyster-Crazed During The Late 19th Century?  
The Denver That Never Was: 1976 Winter Olympic Games
Promotional sticker, circa 1972
How Denver Became the First City in History to Reject the Olympic Games
Anatomy of a Forgery: Salem, Massachusetts Death Warrant, 1692
Detail of Salem, Massachusetts 1692 death warrant for Martha Currier (C MSS -M1429), circa 1932
Guilty of Witchcraft or Fraud?
Toast of the Town: The Denver Bread Company (1916-1945)
Toast and Its Various Uses: There's a Difference in Bread, 1924
A Return to the Days Before Sliced Bread  
Found in the Archives: Ina Zager Bookmark Collection
United States Bicentennial bookmark, 1976
Bookmarks Hold a Place in Our History.
Denver's Needlework Guild
From left to right: Nancy Joyce Woodward and Dorothy Bell Joyce, 1937
Charity Outfitted Needy in New Garments for Nearly 120 Years
Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn
Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1941
Learn more about a Denver restaurant where diners were greeted by a chatty, feathered hostess.