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Catalog Speak: What Do You Mean By “Closed Stacks?”
A man consults a card catalog in the Bibliographic Center of the Denver Public Library, 1947. X-27952
The Department Store Experience, 1917
Interior view of the Daniels and Fisher store, circa 1902. X-22884
Does the stress of holiday shopping make you long for a stroll through an early 20th-century department store?
Colorado Ostrich Farm Co. Records, 1907
Harry M. Rhoads at ostrich farm in California, by Harry M. Rhoads, between 1900-1920. Rh-36
With turkeys taking the spotlight this week, let us not forget our other feathered friend: the ostrich.
Denver Dining of Yore: The Watrous Bar and Café
Interior view of the Watrous Café showing the trout pool (center), circa 1906. X-29454
A Party in the Streets: Denver, Armistice Day, 1918
March of democracy on Sixteenth Street. From Municipal Facts, November 1918.
Snarky Comments from Denver Theatergoers, 1881-1911
Florence E. McCune, Denver High School, 1879. Z-8022
The History Of The Denver House That Inspired A Horror Film
Henry Treat Rogers, between 1886 and 1901. Photo by Rose & Hopkins. H-81
A Ghost Story Gets Fact-Checked
A Denver House That Inspired A Horror Film
Residence at 1739 East 13th Avenue, between 1893 and 1910. Photo by Joseph Collier. C-117
In The Spirit of Halloween, Ghostly Tales from a Cheesman Park Residence
The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in Colorado
St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty Oct. 1918 Influenza epidemic. Courtesy of Library of Congress Prints & Photographs.
Need Motivation For A Flu Shot? A Killer Pandemic Turns 95
The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives
The Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Archives
October Is American Archives Month...But Wait, Do You Know What An Archives Is?