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Parachute, Rifle, and other Interesting Colorado Place Names
The Devil's Wing near Grand Junction Colorado; Call Number Rh-788
The Coors Classic: America's First Big Bicycle Race
Official 1979 Red Zinger Bicycle Classic Magazine
Poetry Collection in Western History and Genealogy
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Chipeta: "Queen of the Utes" and Wife of Ouray
Chipeta: Queen of the Utes: A Biography by Cynthia Becker and P. David Smith. Montrose: Western Reflections, 2003.
When The KKK Ruled Colorado: Not So Long Ago
Klan Day Races at Overland Park
Hispanic Genealogy in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado
 Francisco Rivera and Benigna Rivera family. AUR-2097
Flying Saucers Over Denver!
Rocky Mountain News. 7 July 1947. Front page.
Colorado’s Ouray: Chief of the Utes and Complicated Man
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A History of Latino Gangs in Denver
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DPL’s Pioneering Librarian John Cotton Dana: The Man Who Opened-Up America’s Book Stacks
"John Cotton Dana." The Denver Public Library: 100th Anniversary Celebration. Denver, 1989. Page 4.