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1964 class photo poster found
1964 class photo poster
Happy 50th Reunion! 
Menu Collection Cuts the Mustard
Manhattan Restaurant's, 1633 Larimer St. (1946)
What research value could a menu possibly have?
Remember when professional baseball was an all-girls club?
Kenosha (Wisconsin) Comets pose with baseball Hall of Famer Connie Mack
Back in the day, women played professional baseball.
Long lost photo album returned
William Gruninger's photo album
Daughter reunited with dad's photo album
WHG contributes to flu research
Denver County Hospital
One-stop-shop for the 1918-1919 Inflenza Epidemic
Clarence Holmes and the Cosmopolitan Club
Early Civil Rights march in Denver
In 2009 the library processed the Clarence and Fairfax Holmes Papers (WH1270), which documents the lives of a politically and socially active couple in Denver’s African-American community.