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Manuscript Monday: Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, & Thomas Edison walk into a bar...
Manuscript Monday:  Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller, & Thomas Edison walk into a bar...
...and discuss their favorite childhood books!  Yes, WH/G has lists of favorite children’s books from many notable folks.  What better way to get inspired for Summer of Reading.
Community Tuesday: Scanning Open House on Sunday
WHG Scanning Open House on Sunday
Do you have old letters, photographs or ephemera you would like to have scanned? Creating Your Community is hosting a monthly scanning open house in the Western History/Genealogy Department.
Manuscript Mondays: Civic Center Park
Manuscript Mondays: Civic Center Park
Rediscover Civic Center Park in the heart of downtown Denver.
Community Tuesdays: Have somethin to say? We have FORUMS now!
Denver Health Heart
Creating Your Community, Colorado's Social Archive, now has forums! Start a conversation with us! We want to hear about your garden (in the Denver Gardens & Urban Farms community,) or why not tell us what you really think about graffitti (in the Denver Street Art community)?
 Got a case of the Mondays?  Come clear the cobwebs and see some beautiful maps in Western History/Genealogy.
Denver Ukefest
Denver Ukefest
Denver Ukefest is here this weekend, and we are excited.  Did you know WH/G has a sheet music collection?  Get your ukes fired up.
Community Tuesday: Share your garden
Garden harvest to look forward to!
It's beautiful out! Put your green thumbs in some soil and then share your photos. The Denver's Gardens & Urban Farms community would love to see them and hear your stories.
Celebrate Poetry Month
Anvil of Roses
 April is National Poetry Month.  Here's one from local poet laureate, Thomas Hornsby Ferril.
Sanctus Sonorensis
Sanctus Sonorensis
One of the perks of working in WH/G is getting to see interesting and inspiring artists books.  Sanctus Sonorensis beautifully addresses the topic of immigration in the American southwest. 
Community Tuesday: Things are warming up!
Cheesman Park Pavilion
It seems like things are starting to warm up again! Why not have a picnic at Cheesman Park and tell us about it? We have a new community dedicated to Cheesman Park on the Creating Your Community website. Won't you share a park story with us?