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Community Tuesday: Transitional Voices
 Not too long ago we hosted a class with The Denver Voice to teach people in transition how to share their stories on CYC. Check out some of their stories in the Transitional Voices Community.
Community Tuesday: Remember to vote!
Boys and girls pass ballots and wait in line at East High School in Denver, CO
 Happy Tuesday everyone. Don't forgot to cast your vote! For more images of East High students, check out our East High CYC Community. Click here for the details about the voting photo.
Community Tuesday: Get your Halloween on!
Image of children making masks at school for Halloween.
Halloween is nearly here! Share your best pictures and stories, or find some spooky inspiration in our new Halloween community on CYC.
St Philomena's Centennial Reunion
St Philomena's Centennial Reunion
The Creating Your Community team will be at the St Philomena's Church and School Centennial Reunion this Saturday, September 15, 10am - 6pm. The event will be held at the Waldorf School at 940 Fillmore Street, Denver. We invite you to join us!
Community Tuesday: Scanning Event Saturday
35mm slides
Do you have 35mm slides around that you'd like to have scanned? We'll be at the Cherry Creek Branch on Saturday from 1-3pm with our mobile digitization lab to help. We can scan up to 4 slides for each visitor (or as much as time allows). We hope to see you there!
Community Tuesday: Graffiti Paradise
Images of graffiti in the 80s at an abandoned sewage plant
There're some good new goodies to look at on the Creating Communities site. This one is full of graffiti photos from the 80s at an abandoned sewage plant. The guy who made the community and took the graffiti pictures even linked it to photos from our Digital Collections of the plant in its prime.
Community Tuesday: Denver County Fair Saloon Photos
Posing at the Denver County Fair
Happy Community Tuesday, y'all. We got the last of the Denver County Fair photos added to Creating Your Community. Have a look! 
Community Tuesday: So much music in the air!
Esme Patterson and Joe Sampson watch a Denver musician on The Rover rooftop
 Happy Community Tuesday, folks! South Broadway was recently flooded with musicians and spectators for the 12th annual Underground Music Showcase. If you were lucky enough to attend and snapped any pictures along the way, the Denver Musicians & Bands community on CYC is the perfect place to share them!
Manuscript Mondays: Bookplates, Part I
Manuscript Mondays: Bookplates, Part I
What treasures lurk in the insides of books?  Well, lots, including really great bookplates.  Here’s the first batch that caught our eye.  
Community Tuesday: Scanning Manual
1961 Manual High Prom
In preparation for a CYC appearance at Manual's reunion this weekend, we've been digging through boxes of negatives from the early 60's for school photos to share. Today we digitized photos of Manual’s 1961 and 1963 proms. So many good ones! Keep an eye out for the new scans in the Manual Community on CYC.