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Who Designed Your House?

Who Designed Your House?

Curious about the architect of your house? During the past several years, we inventoried the architectural plans created by Colorado architects so these plans will be available for the public. With a grant from the State Historical Fund from the Colorado Historical Society we published the guides to the architects records online. 

Go to these specific guides listed above or the Denver Public Library website online archives guides and enter your address on the search box - if nothing matches try just the street since a specific address is not always listed on the plans. 

The photo database of digital images at the Denver Public Library is a source for historical images of buildings. 

Another wonderful source for information on Colorado architects is the Colorado Historical Society, Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation, Architects of Colorado.

Another fantastic source is the University of Colorado , Electronic Library of Colorado Architecture, Landscape and Planning.

Who knows if you can't find your house you may find a relatives', a friends' home or your next home. Check it out!