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Weird Photo Wednesdays

Weird Photo Wednesdays

Strange, weird and unusual photographs from our Digital Collections.

Welcome to Weird Photo Wednesdays! With over 84,000+ images in the WHG Digital Collections, you would think that we would have a few weird and strange photographs, right? Well, we do! Every Wednesday we will try and post a strange, weird, or funny photo for your enjoyment or perhaps even fright! Let us know what you think. Whether the photographs are too weird, or not weird enough. Welcome to Weird Photo Wednesday and our first photograph. To see the catalog record and information about this photo click here


This was only a preview of things to come. My cousin worked as a consultant for Tyson Foods a few years ago to help save them money on refrigeration. He said one Tyson plant on the East Coast processes 400,000 chickens a day, with machines to grab their legs, machines to pull off their necks, machine to pull off their legs and wings, etc. This picture looks almost "humane" and civilized compared to present-day chicken and turkey processing plants. I assume these turkeys may actually have been allowed outside during their lifetime rather than kept in small cages their entire lives as is the practice today.

 Were the turkeys or chickens

 Were the turkeys or chickens alive or dead when they pulled them apart? Yikes!

Weird Photos

Ah, yes, I remember this well. This Plug-the-Chicken booth was located next to the Whack-a-Mole at Lakeside Amusement Park. Contestants received three .22 rifle shots for a dollar; three hits let you pick a prize. This photo is from the later years when PETA activists persuaded the management to substitute deceased fowl for live ones.


Can't wait until next Wednesday!

Love it!

What a great idea! Is it strange that I love this first picture?? Thanks for giving us another reason to look forward to Wednesdays (besides that whole hump thing).


No chicken for me tonight!

I feel like chicken

I feel like chicken tonight, Like chicken tonight!